Monday, October 18, 2010

Choosing positivity

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I was recently invited to write a guest post for Mansi Bhatia's First Impressions blog page. It is always an honor to be asked to write for someone else's site, and it gives me the chance to meet new people and write content that I might not come up with on my own.  Mansi gave me free rein to write whatever I chose, simply pointing out that she enjoys my positive approach with my writing. 

So, I pondered the concept of positivity for a couple of days, allowing thoughts to flow and simmer in my mind.  First and foremost, I do strive to see and seek the positive moments in life.  Mansi's comments actually gave me a bright moment, an affirmation of sorts, letting me know that yes, I'm doing what I set out to do each day of my life. 

I'm sure we've all run across those people who shine a bit more brightly than others...they seem lit from within with a secret that makes us curious.  I have found upon getting to know these bright Souls that quite often, they have come from experience of great hardship, sadness and challenges that would cripple many, yet they have found a way to still see beauty in every moment. 

Conversely, we have all also met those people who are like the cartoon figure who walks around followed by his own personal storm cloud.  They are determined to see the gloom in every moment; they dive into a large pool of 'Poor Me' and spend countless hours floating about, plumbing the depths of negativity and sharing that energy with everyone they encounter.  These people are exhausting to be around, as they drain our own energies as we attempt to lighten their hearts without success.

Life is about conscious choices.  I've said countless times that we define ourselves by our reactions to any given set of circumstances.  For me on a personal and professional level, much like millions of other people since the economy tanked in 2008, life has definitely been challenging.  I have reinvented myself and my professional life more times than I can count, and yes, I have been truly scared on a deeply elemental level many times about how I would survive.  During those times, I revealed these concerns to very few people and perhaps that reticence was a mistake.  Everyone does need that soft place to fall and people in whom to confide, and I admit to not always being as forthcoming as I could be.  What I found made the strongest difference for me, apart from having that small inner circle of true, loyal friends, was keeping a positive outlook.  No, it hasn't always been easy to stay positive, but finding reasons to laugh and choosing to seek moments of beauty in every single day kept my heart uplifted and reminded me that my own issues were fleeting.

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When we look at an ancient tree flourishing in a field, we are reminded that time marches on and our small human dramas are but a wee blip on the timeline of this world.  When we greet a brisk fall morning and breathe in the fresh air scented with the smoky sting of wood fires, we are part of the cycle of nature.  When we share laughter with friends about some seemingly insignificant moment, we are releasing joyful energy and thought that will never die away, because we have created a positive memory.  Scientists continue to ponder the concept of electrical impulses being eternal, and I remind myself of this fact quite thoughts are energy. 

My actions and words are energy...I am speaking, thinking and behaving in a manner that in some small way, is eternal.  My choices are obvious:  I can choose to sink into the depths of despair and retreat from life, or I can choose to LIVE and find reasons to be appreciative each day. 

My choice is to dwell in positivity.  Of course I don't always achieve this goal each day.  We all have those moments that we admit it might have been the better part of valor to just stay in bed that particular day.  Sometimes it is actually an intrinsic part of balance to have a slower day where things don't always line up perfectly.  Light cannot happen without dark, after all.  Contrasting moments give us the opportunity and clarity to appreciate things in a much more rich manner.  I think that anyone who goes through life without experiencing any challenges, loss or physical pain is very ill equipped for that definitive moment when a negative challege does occur...because it is inevitable that they WILL occur for us all. 

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Should we seek out negatives?  Perhaps there is value to recognizing negatives in order to simply learn the true colors of a situation so it may be avoided in the future.  Beyond that, from a holistic health approach, dwelling on negative thoughts isn't the type of energy I want to concentrate in my own body.  There is a frequency to every thought we project, and it can be proven that positive, uplifting, loving and happy thoughts have beneficial effects.  Dr. Masaru Emoto has studied the effects of conscious, projected thoughts on water for years, and has been able to show physical changes in the crystalline structure of frozen water.  This is a dramatic indication of how truly powerful our thoughts are, and underscores even more how important it is for us to choose positive thoughts, actions and words.

I have quite often been labeled a PollyAnna personality, been told that I wear rose colored glasses and that I am a bit too optimistic in nature.  I do not deny any of these comments, as they are true.  I am comfortable with myself and with my approach to life.  I am by no stretch of the imagination a perfectly evolved Soul; if that were true, I wouldn't be here on this Earth School, learning along with everyone else.  I do, however, find a rightness and a sense of calm, peace and balance in choosing to focus on positivity on a daily basis.  There is such beauty in the world, everywhere we cast our eyes, if we CHOOSE to see it.  Yes, there is also ugliness, imbalance, unfairness and lack in abundance, but the focus here is the other side of this coin.  Positive thoughts can move mountains in a figurative sense, making those dark areas fade into insignificance if enough join together in that positive energy.

Mansi invited me to write this guest post on her wonderful blog page because she saw something uplifting in my writing style.  My writing style reflects my true nature and gives voice to those things, issues, emotions and thoughts that I find to be most important and dynamic.  The fact that another talented writer recognizes and appreciates my message in my writing gave me a particularly sweet moment.  It brightened a day that I admit was a trifle lackluster and renewed my own Spirit.  As I finish writing this post in preparation of sharing it with Mansi's readers, there are birds singing outside my office window.  The air is fresh and crisp with that essentially full bodied autumn flavor, and Nature is just beginning to paint fall color on the leaves of the tree that keeps me company each day as I work.  In that one single glance, I have witnessed visual beauty and have been uplifted by it.  My rose colored glasses have remained firmly on my nose, I admit this without a single qualm. 

I think that choosing to embrace positivity is a noble undertaking. It may sound quite simplistic at first glance, but I assure you, there are days that I find it quite challenging to accomplish! Regardless of the challenge, it is what I choose because I feel it is important to address each day with a conscious regard towards making a strong and positive mark.  I have learned over the years, and particularly since I began writing for Healing Morning blog, that this conscious choice does make a difference and that it has impacted those around me in a positive manner.  That spurs me on and encourages me to continue.  Occasionally, I am blessed in return by such a moment as this invitation from Mansi, letting me know that someone recognizes my Light as I do theirs. 

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I call it the lambent glow of our Spirit, and as I close here, I am convinced that the satisfaction of sharing these thoughts has amped up my own personal Light considerably.  If you see it, shining in the distance, I am sure it is because your own Light glows brightly in return.
Brightness of the heart can never be truly extinguished, my friends.

Take a moment to visit Mansi Bhatia's wonderful blog, First Impressions. She is one of my favorite bloggers because of her ability to laser through all the layers of distraction and write clean, concise and inspired words on her chosen topics.


  1. I really liked this post. Choosing positivity isn't always easy. Sometimes in reading peoples blogs I often wonder, Do these people ever have a bad day or do they only choose to write on there good days? I find it more refreshing and am able to see myself in a persons writings when they can share that everything isn't always happy, happy, happy. I like to read the story of how someone pulls themselves up out of the abyss.


  2. Deanne, thank you for your insight! I agree, I can't find honesty in writing from a candy coated perspective. Certainly, I do keep a firm hold on my rose colored glasses, but I'll never be dishonest with my readers and paint a picture of my life as being perfect and without hardship and challenges. I feel those moments have honed my character and taught me compassion, and they're part of the unique beauty of my Spirit. It's the process of choosing to find happy moments in the midst of those typical struggles that are the most challenging, but also the most rewarding.

    Namaste', dear one!


  3. And that, my dear, is why you are Sparkles. No matter where a sparkle finds itself, no matter what surface it falls upon, it does what is its nature - it sparkles. Well done. May we all find our 'nature' so we too can sparkle.

  4. Dawn your post has come at a time in my life where I have reached a cross road. Positivity is key but sometimes the emotions of non brightness is stronger. These emotions are my reality check and helps me understand that the choice is mine for brightness or non brightness.....
    Love your post!

  5. Bethie, you always make me smile! That same concept is why my big brother dubbed me Sunshine when I was two years old, and it's stuck throughout my life. Sparkles is just a progression of that same thought, and it pleases my Spirit that you and others recognize this in me. :) You sparkle brightly in your own unique goperhly way, sister-mine!

    Savira, I could not agree with you more about non-brightness sometimes being a crucial point...a fulcrum of sorts for us to find balance. Contrast is so important for us to embrace appreciation, yes? Much love to you, dear one! <3

    Namaste' to you both - you enrich my life greatly with your friendship.

    ~ Dawn

  6. Usually messages of persistance that come should never be ignored...even 'negative' messages that actually could save you from disaster. It isn't that we ignore the seatbelt, it's there to be used even though we don't think of getting hit or hitting someone. We there are times of distress, remember it could be an external movement.

    An interesting thought was shared by a friend of mine that spoke to the need I had been feeling...and your blog is the second one that confirms this for me...we underestimate our focus and power when there are many of us to combine our intention for the positive.

    Could be WE are the answer? Could it be if we really focused on unconditional love (what that REALLY MEANS) we could generate peace, love, and solutions...that are beyond our wildest dreams.

    It is a great and wonderful direction to go in when we stop denying our true indentities and love ourselves...and love others no matter where they are at...with our the critical eye...but through the eyes of love.

    Thank you for posting. It is a wonderful journey.

  7. Marilyn, what a beautiful comment you've taken time to write for me here! I agree with everything you have said, and my heart is happy to recognize a kindred Spirit. I firmly believe that focusing on unconditional love can and does reap benefits powerful beyond our human ken. I know that I embrace my True Self and find that this intentional exposure of self to the world is what works best for me. I vibrate positivity consciously and it brings me, always, to a good place, even during the darker moments. I am going to visit your blog in return!


  8. dawnie, i loved your blog. you are one in a million! i agree that choosing to embrace positivity is a noble undertaking. this is the choice we make, and it is most difficult at times for me. please, pass on the positive energy to me....if that's positive. i'm still in that leaning stage of my life. love ya girlie. janie

  9. Janie, I think being able to recognize and admit that you're in a given stage of progression IS strength personified. At least you're facing things head on with clear vision, yes?! You're stronger than you give yourself credit for, dear one. Staying positive is difficult for me quite often as well, but I find ways and reasons to keep choosing the Light. And I'm always here for you when you need to do a bit of leaning. :)

    Much love to you,

  10. Hi..... i am so glad to have come across your blog. This post is truly motivating.I too believe that being an optimist is a good way of living your life. True they'll be moments when it ll be difficult for u to go through the day but every sunrise brings new hope. following your blog now :)

  11. I am deeply appreciative of your taking the time to pen this post, Dawn. Means a lot to me. Such words of inspiration. I am truly sorry I wasn't able to share this post with my readers on Monday as planned owing to my website being plagued, but all is well in my online world again and I hope many people will be uplifted by your empowering prose on your site and mine. Thank you, again.

  12. Abha Midha, thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts! I thought your statement that "every sunrise brings new hope" was just beautiful. Thank you for following Healing Morning - I will visit your page in return and discover your own writing world. :)

    Mansi, you're so very welcome! I was flattered beyond belief to be invited to write this guest post for your blog, as you're one of my favorite writers. No worries whatsoever about the delay with posting to your page; you can't control spamming attacks, after all. I hope your readers enjoy my guest post and I hope many of my readers will discover your work in turn from linking back to your site. It has been an enjoyable experience!

    Much love to you!