Monday, June 25, 2012

Guest Posting: You do WHAT for a living?
I rarely hyperlink from here to another website, as I find truncated posts to be frustrating, but this is a very special exception!  I am honored to be asked to guest post over at my dear friend, Derek Jones's blog, Derek's Home and Business Blog.

Derek asked me a while back to write something for him about my social media management and consulting business, and a three-part series was the result.  Today's post is the first of that three-part series, titled, "You do WHAT for a living?".

I will add the second and third installments to this same post, so as to keep continuity for everyone interested in reading each article.  I hope you enjoy the insight into this very exciting and enjoyable career path!

Many thanks, by the way, to Derek Jones for hosting me as a guest blogger at his wonderful blog!  Here is the first installment in this series:

The first installment has received wonderful response!  Derek informed me late yesterday that the first installment had received in the neighborhood of 500+ hits/views by around 5pm, US Eastern Standard Time.  Very encouraging, and I'm making sure to visit Derek's blog page to reply to all comments and answer any questions that readers post.

Here is the second installment in this social media management series:  Handling Objections

And finally, the third installment in this social media management series:  Getting the Word Out

I am very happy to share that Derek and I have received truly wonderful response to this series!  As a result of the interest about social media and our collaborative efforts, Derek and I have agreed to continue this series in the coming months.  Stay tuned for more installments about social media management.  To everyone who has visited and commented over at Derek's Home and Business Blog, I sincerely appreciate you and I look forward to sharing more information on this topic in the near future.