Friday, November 21, 2014

Zero Happy

So, the conversation happened on Facebook today, and it went like this:

How often are we able to say our day was blessed with such an unexpected, sweet moment like this?!  Zero Dean is a friend that I met through Facebook and he is one of the most talented, funny, kind people that I have yet to meet face to face.  I have met several people in person whom I originally met via social media; Zero is still on that list of need-to-meet-in-person.  I'm working on getting him out to my side of the country in 2015.  I'm sure he will find a way to create a storyline, take beautiful pictures and video footage in the process.

So, today for me is the day following a big professional networking event.  The day after these events tends to be full of tying off loose ends, tending to final details, and putting plans in place for the next event.  You rarely have downtime between each of these events - you're always working on the current event, finishing up from the most recent one, or planning for the next one.  "No rest for the weary" is an axiom that applies here.  This is not a complaint, mind you.  I am sharing what has been going on in my world this week to indicate that my energy today has been a trifle low.  That's not unexpected, as I've been doing this type of event management for many years - I expect to be mentally and physically tired the day after a successful event.  That proved true for today, and I have been working primarily in my home office and on the phone.  No running of errands, no leaving the house.  Just getting my second wind and winding down the business week.  

And out of the blue, I clicked on the Facebook notification that led me to the above conversation with Zero. (Yes, that's his real name; no, it's not a nickname; it's his story to tell and we're focusing on something different here today.  Ask him about it; it's an interesting story!)  I don't know about anyone else who is reading this, but I admit to sitting and staring at the words on my laptop screen that Zero shared, more than a little stunned.  Stunned in a good way!  Humbled, of a certainty.  Charmed a fair amount, and then puzzled as to how my coming up in his conversation prompted him to smile.  I guess that we rarely see ourselves in such a light, and I've discussed this very topic before here at Healing Morning (One Wish, Healing Morning, 12/15/2009, and By any other name, Healing Morning, 1/9/2011).  We tend to default more to self-doubt and lack of self-confidence.  If we're fortunate, occasionally someone close to our heart will take the time to remind us of that golden light that emanates from us.  That's what Zero did for me today.  He reminded me of the beauty of my spirit....of my True Self.

I still have no idea what the content of the conversation was that Zero referenced happening to him this morning, and I have no idea with whom he had this conversation.  What matters to me is that he had this experience in this conversation, and he recognized that it made him happy.  Better still, he went that extra step to reach out to me and let me know I was part of his happy moment.  I truly cannot think of any higher compliment, or of anything more surely guaranteed to delight the heart.  

Knowing we're in some small way responsible for lifting someone's heart, for tipping their lips to smile, for sparking a twinkle into their eyes.....that is value beyond measure! 
Zero is one of those bright spirits who is bucking traditional thoughts and is creating his own unique existence.  I expect great things from him in the near future, as he is talented in so many tangible ways.  What I appreciate the most about him is hard to define.  He makes me laugh constantly, because we share a similar irreverent sense of humor.  He makes me ponder deeply, because he is as interested as I am in delving more deeply into people than is common.  He touches my heart with a level of compassion and sweetness (which will probably horrify him - manly men do not prefer labels such as "sweetness" applied to their manly selves) that sometimes renders me silent, and prompts tears.  That's what he did today - he had me smiling and tearing up from taking maybe 10 seconds out of his day to post that message on my Facebook page.  He cared enough to share his Happy with me and as I replied to him, that caused the Happy to become exponential.  I love this guy, can y'all tell? 

Because I love him, and appreciate him, I want the world to know about him.  I want people to discover the zany fun and shenaniganry he tosses about.  I want people to discover his incredibly beautiful photography and videos.  I want people to appreciate his agile mind, and his dedication to touching the world in a different manner.  You can find my friend, Zero, on his Facebook page, and on his website, where all of his artistic and literary endeavors come together in one location.

I am coining a new term, which I think he will enjoy - today he gave me a Zero Happy moment!