Friday, December 31, 2010

Traditions and pages, continued

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I've been revisiting some of my archived posts here at Healing Morning and this is another thought that I didn't think I could improve upon that much.  I'd like to repost it and add something I wrote on my Facebook wall last night.  This may become a new tradition of sorts, we shall see.  This is what I wrote on New Year's Eve, 2010:

As we bid farewell to 2010, despite admittedly challenging moments, what stands out the most for me is that I laughed a LOT during 2010. I am so well blessed with loving friendships & a beautiful family, good health, & a creative, agile mind. I wish for all of us to greet 2011 with an open heart & the excitement & willingness to grab onto Life with both hands, take chances & dare to be happy. Namaste'.    ~ Dawn, 12/31/2010

I've already made my feelings known about making, keeping and/or breaking New Year's Resolutions.  I firmly boycott the idea (see blogpost "Just say 'No!'") of resolutions.  Instead, tonight and as I do every New Year's Eve, I embrace an old Irish tradition.  It is for us to take a moment in the hour prior to midnight and reflect on the people who matter the most to us.  This moment of reflection, according to tradition, ensures that these same people will be present in your New Year.  I have always loved this concept and never fail to dedicate those important moments of reflection.  I have another, more personal tradition of journaling that I will address in a moment, so bear with me!

Of course, the tradition above is more a lyrical, lovely sentiment than any sure promise we will have written in stone.  I am, however, a romantic at heart, so I do not apologize for choosing to believe in the true, mystical power of this type of tradition!  Rather than pesky resolutions I never keep, what better way to greet the New Year than with intentional thought and energy towards having those I love the most in my life in the next calendar year?  I find that a much more logical application of my time and energy!

I always feel so much hope and optimism as we bid farewell to the ending year and prepare to greet the new one.  We are lucky, I think, to stand at the brink of twelve new months full of possibilities, experiences, memories yet to be made, laughter yet to be shared, beautiful sights yet to be witnessed.  Therefore, New Year's Eve, for me at least, is a hopeful, cheerful time. 

If I continue to explore the world around me with an open heart, if I continue to pursue my dreams in 2010 as I have in 2009, I see no way that the New Year can be anything but positive.  Will difficult times visit each of us?  Quite possibly, they will.  We do not exist in limbo, after all, and there is balance in all things.  For now, we have a New Year to celebrate.  The page is blank for all of us, waiting for each hand to scroll out the moments.  I find that exciting, challenging, thought provoking and above all, something to be thankful for.

What will your personal page look like?  Is it plain, ruled white paper?  Maybe handsome, thick vellum that expresses your distinct flair?  Will you write the moments out with traditional black ink pen, or perhaps choose to thumb your nose at tradition and dash out thoughts in bold, unique colors like purple or green?  Are your pages bound in a spiral notebook, practical and sturdy?  Or are they bound in an elegant leather volume that appeals to your sense of quiet, private reverie?  None of these matter - perhaps your pages exist completely in your imagination.  My pages actually exist in corporeal form, in journal format of basic black bound books with unlined pages where I write my moments in clean, black ink.  I have a new book for 2011, waiting to have those new experiences recorded. 

Being the writer I am, I find it appropriate that my New Year's greeting encompasses what some will call a flight of fancy with the tradition expressed above, and also the practice and discipline of writing in longhand, in journal format to begin the journey of a new cycle.


  1. I thought about you the hour before :) And what a great post!!!! I am very excited to experience 2010 with you, my business partner and friend, and I hope that when you write your book of 2010, there will be those scrawled notes of times when our friendship was strengthened through laughter, smiles, and great memories. Here's to 2010 :)

  2. I couldn't sleep (obviously, as I write this at 3:05 am!) so pulled the laptop out to check email and saw your comment. You are my first friend to post a comment on my blog in 2010 - that HAS to bode well for this year, our partnership and friendship! I'm glad you liked the post; it was one of those that just flowed really easily.

    I thought about you the hour before midnight as well, so we're both guaranteed to stick in one anothers' lives. I'm equally excited to share so much w/ you in 2010, Marty. In my journal a few hours ago, yes indeed, there was an entry with your name written several times. Here's to building those memories, sharing laughter, growing together and continuing to learn! :-)

    ~ Dawn

  3. Welcome to our 2010 world with great possibilities and wonderful experiences. Loved what you wrote. If you don't mind I'm going to post it possibly to my; too beautiful not to share. I also, along with Marty thought of you around 10:30. I made myself stay awake until then. lol. and all the other wonderful people that have been in my life and the new friends God has blessed me with. love, jane

  4. Jane, it is the highest compliment when friends like a post well enough to re-post and share on their FB wall - please do! Thanks, as always, for being one of my biggest fans, readers & supporters!

    ~ Dawn

  5. I really love all your New Year posts D...I must say I am also opposed to resoloutions. I have created a mental debit/credit of events from the year past and hold in mind some of those things I wish to experience this year. Grats on all the excitement with AB...hugs and see you soon!

  6. OM-Word, what a nice surprise to get a comment from you this first day of 2010!!! I love that you're finding time in your crammed schedule to read my stuff & also smiling to read that you LIKE it - ahh, the delicate writer's ego that we all have! ;-) Looking forward to getting together soon, catching up and all...emphasis on "SOON"!!

    ~ Dee

  7. I really appreciate these true feelings that you share with the world..... thanks so much for adding a very gentle touch to our day.....

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  8. New Spectrum, I just visited your page and I really like your content! I am now following you via Google Friend connect.

    Thank you for your comment on my content here. You captured exactly what I strive to achieve with each post...that "gentle touch" to everyone's day! I loved that!

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    ~ Dawn

  9. I thought about you and how you were doing on this past New Years. Your a wonderful young lady... And may we both be blessed with lots of hits on our blogs, wealth, and good health,
    love ya, mike

  10. Hey Mike, thanks for visiting my page (and posting the link on your page!) and taking time to embrace this wonderful New Year's tradition. I thought of you on New Year's Eve also and am positive we'll stay in touch! Many blessings and happy moments back to you, my friend.

    Love you back,