Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy 101 - Blog Award!

I was given a lovely blog award today!  I know that many bloggers feel that blogging awards are too time consuming, unnecessary and just superfluous.  I can honestly say that I doubt I will ever become so jaded as to refuse an award that is given with genuine kindness and enthusiasm.  In light of this, I admit to feeling flattered and honored, which is how you should feel when someone gives you an award!

There are a few simple rules to accepting the Happy 101 blog award.  My first step is to write this blog today, and list the top 10 things that make me happy, then go on to share 10 blogs that I enjoy reading.

So, first things first - My Happy List:

My family - I am blessed to be part of a very large, loving Irish clan of people who are, in my opinion, the most wonderful, loving group in the world.  When I was a child, I always felt sorry for anyone who hadn't been lucky enough to be born into my family...that's how special the Reagans are!  We come together often, laugh often and purely enjoy one another.  It doesn't get better than that.

My curiosity - my whole life has been driven by this force.  I am curious about everything under the sun and because of this part of my nature, I have enjoyed learning, researching and experiencing so many fascinating things.  The truly exciting part of this side of my nature is that I'll never learn it all and there will always be new vistas to conquer!

My loving nature - this would perhaps be a subset of my family foundation, but I choose to call it a separate entity on the Happy List.  I know that one of my strongest gifts is my ability to love, and it is often commented upon by those around me.  If people are going to comment about something about your nature, I would certainly wish for it to be such a positive thing as the ability to express love!

My home - I live in East Tennessee and feel it is beautiful beyond words.  There is a peaceful vibration to this area that is tangible, and although I have lived many other places, this is where I have always returned to live.  It heals my Soul and makes me the happiest to live here.

My creativity - I'm a writer and an artist of sorts.  William Butler Yeats said a beautiful thing:  "I am a man well-blessed and content, for thank God I can read."  I would add, "...for thank God I can write and create."

My friends - an equal blessing, as they are all such unique, fascinating individuals who bring startlingly lovely shades and textures to my life. 

Music - it soothes the savage beast, or so they say.  For me, it is an extension of the writing process, because in my head, the words take on a musical quality.  I even wrote a blog about this, entitled  "Musical Thoughts" last year.  I climb deep into the heart of the lyrics and hear the infinetesimal shifts and layers of sound in the music - everything about music delights my Soul.

Growth - I am thankful and happy on a daily basis that my life is constantly moving forward in growth and experiences.  I am happy that I choose to be brave enough to keep walking foward, even during the times that those steps take me into moments of gloom, or hardship.  Stagnating as a person is something that I assiduously avoid, so I kind of like the fact that I continue to forge onward!

Hugs - they are essential to life, as far as I'm concerned.  Being embraced by someone you love, who loves you in return, gives the opportunity to become enveloped in the pure energy of love combined.  That creates a unique energy that blesses the hugger and the huggee and the world is a better place because of it...we are better people as a result.

Sunshine - this is a childhood nickname I was given because I have a happy outlook on life.  I consider it part of my spirituality and awareness.  I choose to embrace dreams, continue to develop my own spiritual awareness, embrace laughter, positive thoughts and practice living my life in a manner that attracts good, positive people and experiences.  That can be boiled down to that one word...Sunshine.

The second part of the award process is to choose 10 blogs and post them here, with links and a short blurb about why you like them.  I may end up duplicating some of my choices that others have also mentioned, but I'm choosing them in good company!

Coffee with Marty - Marty's blog is his POV on the world as he greets each day with a steaming cup of coffee.  Marty is also my trusted partner in crime with our Facebook group, Authentic Blogger, so obviously I like the way he thinks and approaches all things bloggish!

Journey to Joy - Bill's description reads, "In this blog I share what I've learned in my life to be a more positive/joyful person living each day to the fullest & staying connected to my soul."  He offers some good, old fashioned, homespun advice with a twinkle in his writer's eye as he invites you to share the humor in his perspective.

Speech of My Fingertips - Surein is in Malaysia and as such, on the opposite side of the world from my home in East TN.  He writes these fascinating, conversational blog posts about his home in such a way that I get to visit there vicariously.  I learn something new with each of his posts, and I love that, but I also love his sense of humor and his unique perspective.  Here is his description of his blog:  "I believed Robert Heinlein when he said that writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards. My mind is as fickle as a Malaysian traffic light. To keep in touch with my own thoughts if I forget, I write here."

Artisan of the Human Spirit - I just discovered Tony's blog about a week ago, via two different blogging buddies.  Tony's blurb on his blog reads, "Awakening to life's lessons. In life, not every classroom has a desk, nor every church a steeple!"  I enjoy his thoughtful approach to ruminating on the path he has taken to reach his here and now, and I also enjoy his dry sense of humor.

Michael's Kitchen - my good friend, and special Papa, Mike's description reads, "My life in my Kitchen and my take on food, cooking, kitchen tools, and the whole food thing.... And Please remember to always practice safe lunch...... USE A CONDIMENT!!!"  He writes delicious recipes, shares great tips and makes the idea of venturing into the kitchen to prepare something fancy seem to be not so scary.  He makes me laugh, too.  Mike is also the kind soul who gifted me with this Happy 101 blog award, so thank you, Papa!

Jeff Nix - Jeff writes some very thought provoking posts, with my personal favorites being those in a series that he calls "Inspired" posts.  His blog has a variety of topics, so pull it up and poke around.  I know you'll find something to capture your interest.

Spirit of Autism - my friend Debi describes her blog as, "Spirit Of Autism is a resource and home therapy program for parents, caregivers, and emergency responders dealing with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Tourette's, and other pervasive disorders."  Even if you're not dealing one of these issues yourself, Debi's information is applicable to everyone.  Dealing with learning disorders or behavioral challenges have lessons to teach everyone.

Learning How - Jenn is venturing into becoming a programmer/designer and her Learning How blog provides helpful tips and suggestions for blogging.  I love her posts and always learn something new when I visit.

Thyme for Health - Thyme's description reads, "A Master Herbalist who lives and travels in a motorhome with Nandi, her hairless cat, and shares information and advice for being and living healthy."  She writes blogs on some of the most fascinating topics, from herbology, to aromatherapy, to healing and spiritual properties of all of the aforementioned.  I truly enjoy her blog, as I learn much when I visit.

Moonbeam Soy Candles - my southern sister-friend in Georgia is working hard to create a successful company that offers soy candles and much more.  I like the fact that her products are eco-friendly and green.

Those are my choices, in no specific order.  I hope you get the chance to visit some of them - tell them Dawn sent you!


  1. Nice to find your blog here! I am now a follower. I found your post on Uplift Antidote's blog. I am also writing on similar topics. This year I'm writing 365 lessons. Would love it if you stopped by. Peace to you, Kathy

  2. Hi Katherine, thanks for stopping by, reading, posting a comment AND following! I'll look you up in a moment - I love stumbling across other bloggers who have a similar mindset and approach to life.

    Peace unto you also, my friend!

    ~ Dawn

  3. Congrats on the award! If anyone deserves it, you do. Thanks so much for mentioning Learning How - I'm flattered that it's in your top 10 list. :)

  4. Congrats on your award Dawn!
    You deserve it for all your hard work and great writing!
    Keep inspiring with your wit and love...

    Kath Frangeskos at
    Jesus Knows You Best

  5. Kath and Jenn, thank you so much for the kind words! I was just discussing with Marty (AB partner) that I was starting to wonder if all my hard work & dedication to Authentic Blogger group and sister blog were slowly burying my Healing Morning blog waaaay down the list of people's attention. It was one of those wrestling w/ my ego moments that I'm not proud of, but it happened. For about 30 minutes I embraced gloomy thoughts and felt a bit defeated. Then I got over it - I start to get irritated w/ myself if I dwell in that mindset for too long.

    That being said, it is NICE to know that people still read my Healing Morning posts. Kath, just so you know, I do read your Jesus Knows You Best blog regularly. I don't always get around to commenting, but I do read it and promise to work harder to let you know I've visited. I know that matters as much to you as it does to me.

    Jenn, I think your Learning How blog is AWESOME. I had a list of about 25 blogs that I had to whittle down for my Top 10 and I was determined to give that one recognition. I want to really build your readership because you are writing such helpful stuff w/ that one.

    Thanks again, ladies - you made me smile w/ your comments, encouragement and the congratulations. It meant a lot.

    ~ Dawn

  6. oh my dawnie,how you deserve this award! i am so proud of you and am grateful to God for this gift of writing he has bestowed upon you. keep up the good work. love ya sister, janie

  7. Dawn, I couldn't think of anyone more deserving than you for this award. Love ya kid! mike

  8. Jane, thank you! It is nice to get a nod of recognition occasionally. It lets us know as writers that we're on the right path.

    Mike, thank you as well, my dear friend. You just make me smile, plain and simple. I'm happy you're in my life, Papa!

    Here's to all of us growing in writing and friendship.

    ~ Dawn

  9. Congrads on the award Dawn you deserve it & thanks for listing me as one of your favorite blogs, I truly appreciate it.



  10. Morning! I tried to send you a note, but I have also extended another tag your way! I hope you accept! You can go to my blog and check it out, snatch it if you like, and I know you just did one, so if you choose to sit out on the "homework" - I completely understand! Kudos and have a great day!

  11. Bill, you're one of my favorite peeps in general and your blog is one I read regularly. I hope this brings you tons more recognition!

    Tony, I just sent you an email acknowledging the new tag for both Healing Morning and Authentic Blogger. Thank you very much for both! Marty & I will do a combined effort w/ AB, and get that accomplished sometime later this week. I'll also do my own response later this week. Your comments were very kind and made me smile. I liked your description of my blog!

    ~ Dawn