Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Musical thoughts

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Last night I was reading about Einstein. I've always found him to be a fascinating character, as much for his personality, humor and quirky observations as for his scientific achievements. According to his contemporaries, he was a bit of an odd bird in many ways, which seems to highlight the warm side of his nature that much more. Perhaps, though, I am extrapolating - only those close to him could say if the man was warm-natured. I will say this much; Einstein provides a great deal of inspiration and contemplation for me on a wide range of topics. Today's inspiration comes back to one that I draw from frequently....music.

"If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music...I draw most joy in life out of music." ~ Albert Einstein

I found it fascinating to read that particular passage. Hmm, I thought, another soul who thinks (or thought when he was living) the way that I do, and it turns out to be Einstein. Go figure. I am in no way equating my mindset to that of a scientific genius. In fact, I find the comparison and similarity to be rather unusual. I've noted in a past blog my own particular absorption with music and lyrics. This is something I have always experienced and for a good many years, I just assumed everyone else viewed the world in a similar manner. When I found this to be untrue, I admit to being a bit stunned. Confused might be a better word. I just wasn't prepared to learn that, no, most people don't get caught up in the layers of music and the tiny shifts in wording and lyrics the way that I do. I'm not kidding - this was a revelation to me, around the age of eleven. Over time, I also discovered that people like me, who relate strongly to music, often seem to have a strong eye for gradations of color. I would love to know the genetic reasoning behind those traits seeming to co-exist. Little things like this just rivet my attention.

I can tell you one thing for certain - throwing the topic out for discussion can spark some deeply interesting conversations. I have a close girlfriend who thinks, daydreams, breathes in mathematical equations. That absolutely captivates me, simply because my brain doesn't work with linear logic the way that her brain does. To her, I daresay, mathematics is a form of equational poetry. It has a cadence that makes sense to her, and that makes her heart sing. I have a cousin who thinks, daydreams and breathes all things mechanically related. He can listen to a car motor and his ear picks up some infinitesimal nuance that the rest of us are deaf to hearing. His hands are as delicate and talented as any brain surgeons as he works on restoring classic cars and the finished projects are dazzling to the senses.

I guess that I can sum this post up by saying that we all have our own unique Einstein-ian musical thoughts. It manifests differently, and beautifully in each of us, specific to the harmony of our individual spirits. While music definitely is the primary manner in which my own thoughts drift and flow, I'm not musically gifted in regard to playing a musical instrument or singing. Therefore, my thoughts eventually translate into words. Putting words on paper is my tangible application of musical thoughts. It delights me to create with words, splashing them with mad fervor at times, brushing them lightly and softly as a sigh at other moments. All the while, during my creative moments, in my mind are my own Einstein-ian musical thoughts.

I admit to wondering how Einstein might regard this blog, sparked by what may have been some random comment he made in passing. Would he find it interesting? Would he nod in companionable understanding? Would he shake his head in doubt that I missed his point entirely? Of course it doesn't really matter, but those thoughts flit about in my writer's mind and I enjoy the various scenarios. I just know that once I read the above quote last night, the thoughts began to swarm in my head, much like the lyrics of a song that demands to not be forgotten. I knew that a blog was the inevitable result and here I am, finishing up. I, too, live my daydreams in music....and I translate them into a reality and my own personal symphony, of words. I count myself fortunate that the result always makes me happy.


  1. Awesome posts! You know, you are truly a talented writer! I was stunned by some of the wording you used, pondering for a moment if it was in the right context, only to realize I need to get further away from the words and allow them to flow ---- into music. Music of a blog, this is the first time I could hear melody in words... Just so you know...

  2. Wow, Marty thanks! That was a blog that, after writing and posting, I wondered if I had gotten too "out there" for most people to relate to the concept. I can be guilty of that at times, but am glad to know I hit it on the nailhead accurately w/ this. I am stoked that I opened up musical blogging to you! "Hear melody in words.."...I loved that comment.

    *L*...always fun to sort of morph a new bird of sorts and share it with friends. I love when people post their thoughts, which reminds me I need to get back to doing the same thing on you blog and others. The feedback really matters!

  3. Einstein had some great quotes on a wide variety of subjects. I enjoyed your article and hope you will like mine.
    FCEtier, aka Chip


  4. Chip, I agree w/ you - Einstein was a fascinating person. I'm always coming across quotes of his that really stop me in my tracks, make me ponder deeply, or just make me laugh. He had a very dry sense of humor that always seems to appeal to me. I'll look your blog up. Thanks for taking time to pull mine up and also to take time to post a comment!