Monday, December 28, 2009

Small jobs

I just ran across a quote that is very timely for where I am in my life these days.  It is as follows:
"Don't be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones tend to take care of themselves."  Dale Carnegie  1888 - 1955, Writer & Speaker
I have spent the past 18 months, along with much of the rest of the world, adapting to the sharp downturn in the economy and the resultant lull in my freelance technical writing work.  I spent large chunks of time doing "all the right things" with very little, if any, return on time investment.  I spent more time feeling worried, flat out scared, irritable and a whole slew of other adjectives.  Now, however, I can see very clearly that there has been deep purpose to this past year and a-half of more quiet moments.  I have said, repeatedly, to close friends that I am now aware this slower time has been one of incubating for me.  Incubating new ideas, revamping old dreams, creating new dreams, and opening up to the infinite possibilities that I could never dream of on my own.

In order to not feel completely useless and as though my brain would melt out of my ears from sheer inactivity, I began to do a lot of pro bono work for friends.  A bit of copy here, a marketing tagline there, a brochure or newsletter....anything to keep my mind active and continue to have examples of current work for my resume and portfolio.  As the above quote indicates, this type of activity, done with a glad heart and sincere work ethic, will eventually produce some unexpected and surprising results!

I would never have dreamed, two years ago, that I would create a personal blog that would begin to amass a loyal group of followers.  I would never have dreamed that in an ancillary move, I would become partners with a blogging friend to create an online group in  Facebook for bloggers that would be embraced so enthusiastically around the world.  Yet both of these things have come to pass.  As a result of all the small jobs I have opened up to doing, I am being blessed with some of the most interesting connections. 

I am still in that incubating process, still working on my creative process, still envisioning dreams and hopes in such a way that will continue to open up the world in ways that I, as yet, cannot even fathom manifesting.  I believe that I am on the right path, though, and I know this because of the sheer joy with which I am greeting each new day, each new connection, friendship and experience.  I haven't quite identified the exact direction my path will take, and that's okay.  For now, I recognize that I am moving in the correct direction.  I am embracing those small jobs with a smile on my face, knowing that they are a stepping stone of sorts which will move me forward to that new, bright future.  Half the fun of all of this is the unknown and all the delightful surprises that keep manifesting!

For now, this is more than plenty for me to accept on my personal plate.  Good things are coming, I can feel that as genuine truth.  I will continue to accept those small jobs with intentional good will and a sense of grace.  Mr. Carnegie's above quote made me smile when I read it and that's when I felt that old familiar sense telling me, once again, a blog was in the making!


  1. Major congrats!

    You seem to be perfecting simplification which is the secret to all success. I thought that I was the originator of that thought! Glad to know that I might count myself in company with Dale Carnegie.

    It is wonderful to minimize our commitments, our devotions and our struggles to the smallest portions possible - and perfect our attendance to them.

    It took three strokes to teach me that; my husband's, my own and my dog's. Congratulations for learning the lesson without the "knocks upside the head"!

  2. "Perfecting simplification" - how beautifully spoken, Sharon! I still have those panic moments of "how will the bills get paid" and the annoyed moments of "this is just stupid, I should be making X amount of money", etc., etc. But I learned years ago to honor those mental distractions with enough attention to realize contrast and comparison, then I release them and keep focusing on the Now and the positives. It takes determination some days, let me tell you! But good friends like you, who take time to post comments, phone or email, let me know that yep, I'm doing pretty well, all things considered. So, my expectation now is that, rather than "making X amount of money" I'll soon be receiving prosperity that I am, at this moment, not able to imagine. Again, that's half the fun of life...waiting to see what's around that next bend in the road!

  3. Very timely quote for me also. I feel the same way. I thought I had everything figured out, and then suddenly, life veered a different direction. I too, feel like I'm in a whirlwind of attachments; fear of the future, apprehension about my career, and frustrations with day-to-day happenings. All have attached themselves to my being, and want to drag me down. It is in friends like you, quotes like the one above, and my faith in God that keep me sane. Thanks!

  4. Marty, it's a daily struggle for all of us. I'm glad this struck a similar chord for you and glad it gave you a quiet moment in return. We're in a small part of the whirlwind together, remember that! Joining forces w/ friends of like mind is always going to make us stronger. I'm about that lifting up process!!! Thanks for the kind comment!
    ~ Dawn

  5. I to have been looking for a job. For me it's only been 7 months but I have also understood that this time was needed to continue my growth & development. I think I've used this time wisely & the lessons I've learned about myself will always be something I hang on to.



  6. That's interesting to hear, Bill, that you're experiencing a similar situation. I am finding this post seems to have merit for a lot of us going through the same challenges. Obviously, there is rhyme & reason to it, and I hazard a guess that it is of import that we slow down, regroup and reconnect w/ ourselves deeply as we move forward into this new decade. I am not a proponent or believer in the mass hysteria that the world will end in 2012, but I do think there will perhaps be a change in vibratory level that we are all in the midst of making personal shifts in order to be able to assimilate. So, this enforced slowing down, becoming aware and sloughing off of needless things definitely has purpose. Thanks so much for your comments!

    ~ Dawn