Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Featured blog award

Coffee With Marty Featured Blog Author Award

Hey everyone, I have very happy news to impart. My friend Marty, who is an exceptional blogger in his own right, has started a neat new idea to draw more attention to bloggers. He has created a Fan Page on Facebook for his own blog, Coffee With Marty and is doing a weekly featured blog author award. He chose Healing Morning, as the charter featured blog, which as you all know, is me! Taking things one step further, he highlighted my December 7, 2009 blog, "Peaceful Thoughts" for his readers. He has some very nice words to say about my blog and writing style, so please take a moment to click on the link to pull up his Fan Page with featured blog author award info posted. If you're interested in becoming part of his community, give him a yell on his personal Facebook page or on the Fan Page. With luck and a lot of reader enthusiasm, this concept will grow quickly and become a prestigious award in the blogging world! I can already say that being the first featured blog author has garnered interest in my blog and I have new followers, so this idea is already a success.

For me, it is a nod to my heartfelt thoughts and hard work that goes into each and every blog post that I write. Writing is both a vocation and an avocation for me; I do it for work and it also feeds my Soul. Therefore, when a group of people recognize the work that I'm doing, that lets me know that yes, I'm on the right path!

Thank you, Marty, for dreaming up this idea! I always tend to dream big with ideas like this and I can envision a future where Marty is the head of a prestigious online e-zine that features interesting blogs in all sorts of categories worldwide. In this future, I predict that people will clamor to get their blogs listed on Marty's site to get exposure for their writing. Here's hoping that it grows into a wildly popular concept for us all!

S. Dawn Sievers

Author, Healing Morning blog


  1. You are the best! :) (Sniff sniff)

  2. Love you, brother mine! Thank you for the honor of becoming the charter featured author! I am thrilled!

    ~ Dawn