Friday, October 23, 2009

How do you love?

On the heels of my last post, "Allowing Love" I received some great comments and emails almost immediately that surprised and pleased me. When I sit down to write a blog, I never know if the content of that particular post will strike a sympathetic note with others or not. In fact, that's a lot of the fun of blogging, learning what others think after reading your stuff!

One friend mentioned that I had prompted him to do some thinking, which I loved. My intent with this blog is to do that very thing. So, the question that has been prompted for me now is this: How do you love?

I bet that made you pause for a few moments, hmm? Before you start to sweat and feel pressed to say the right thing, there really isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to answer that question. It's something that can't be easily answered or defined, as there are such complexities and layers to the emotion of, and the action of, love. We manifest it, feel it and show it differently with each person.

Do you love openly, with verve, splash and laughter? Or are you more quiet in the way you show love, with a thoughtful, more measured approach? Some show love by doing; fixing things for you that are broken, tidying your scattered chaos if you tend to produce clutter. Others are managing with their love, meaning they like to be very competent and efficient in their approach. Still others are true-blue, dyed in the wool romantics, breathing and showering the whole world with effusive, dramatic, evocative displays of their love.

There's passionate love. There's intellectual love. Silly, absurd love has its special place in the world, I honestly believe. Deep, beyond-words-love that pulls every bit of oxygen from the room as you gaze into one another's eyes is another example. We have parental love, sibling love; love for friends, for family members, love for animals, love for hobbies, the list is infinite.

Now, the next question is: How do you receive love?

This is an extension of the last blog that suggested opening up and allowing love to manifest. In order to allow love, you have to be able to receive love. Do you do that joyfully? Or do you do it guardedly? Are you pensive with how you receive love? Are you cold and reserved, or very warm, open and appreciative in your response? These may seem like very similar questions which have little merit, but I would ask you to ponder each question with conscious thought. Take a moment to be brutally honest with yourself as you respond. Now, give equally honest thought to how your responses to those questions makes you feel inside.

Are you happy with the quality of love in your life?

Or could you use a better, or different form of communicating this vital emotion? If you answered "yes" to that second question, perhaps it is time to give this whole concept deeper thought and come to an inner accord that change is necessary and a positive thing to embrace for yourself. It could be that after giving these questions due thought, you're perfectly good and happy with where you are. Again, there are no right or wrong answers here.

Are you happy with how you express and receive love?

This can, and probably does, change on a regular basis, as we are different versions of ourselves minute by minute, day by day. The world certainly keeps us on our toes with endless challenges. As I have mentioned before, the manner in which we respond to any given occurrence is what defines us. It isn't necessary that you express love, or receive love in a way that makes sense to anyone else but yourself and the people with whom you interact on that intimate level. I just thought it was an interesting topic to discuss.

Most days, I'm very happy with the quality of love in my life. Recently, I decided that I wanted to see a manifestation of the way I receive love, the way it is expressed back to me, to change. I put some conscious thought into that and did some admittedly challenging shifting of my own energy, emotions and reactions, and I have benefitted greatly as a result. Giving love, for me, is an easy, effortless, joyful action.

I hope that I inspire others by my example, but if not, that's okay. That's the beauty of life, after all....the infinite diversity, infinite choices, infinite stories and dramas we play out. It all comes back to love at the end of the day, in my opinion, so I felt like discussing that emotion. I hope that, as you finish reading this blog entry, you're smiling and enjoying the thoughts these words have prompted in your heart.

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