Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Duplication? Probably.

I do believe that rather than a progressive post, the "What Now?" entry of last night was more along the lines of "more of the same." I felt that way as I was writing it, but wanted to walk away from it for several hours, come back and read it again, before deciding. Now that I've done that, yep, it was more of the same. That wasn't the intention, but it appears to be the outcome! I may end up deleting that last post in a few days, depending upon how it continues to niggle away at my mind. It seems to be one of my writing peeves to say the same thing twice, even if the delivery is slightly different.

My goal with this blog is to write and talk about things that can spark interest and possible growth, change and inspiration in others. Some posts will hit right on that target, others will be near misses or complete failures. I knew that at the very beginning, and that last post appears to be the first example of same. All part of the learning process. There is definitely value in the old adage of "not beating a dead horse," and I'm guilty of that at times.

We shall see what the next topic is that comes along to prompt a new blog. I never know what the next subject will be, and that's half the fun of writing in this format. Occasionally, I will happen upon a subject that resonates with others to a surprising degree. That's fun as well. For now, we have a beautiful day occurring in East Tennessee and I am heading out the door to enjoy it as I take care of a list of errands. Fall is in the air and the beauty surrounding us is breathtaking.

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