Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poetry for the day

When I first started this blog, I wasn't sure about whether I'd post poetry of my own. Poetry by others, more than likely will find its way into posts here and there, as do all those wonderful quotes that I love so much.

I had thought to create a completely separate blog for the specific purpose of posting my poetry, and will probably end up doing that very thing soon. This morning, though, I read a friend's blog and a piece of poetry that made me think perhaps some of my own work along those lines fits the dynamic of this blog. In that thought, below is a piece that I wrote in August of this year. I shared with friends on Facebook and via email, with the response being that the message I intended was clear and appreciated. I hope those that read it here enjoy it as well.

Feather Touch

I saw a feather on the ground today

soft velvety gray in the morning light
as quiet as the new day unfolding

prompting me to pause

flooded with memories of childhood
find a feather, know an angel sent you a message

yet deeper thoughts and emotions assail now
what message is this?

what quiet touch drifting down to greet me

silvery gray touched with the palest creamy brown
stillness in the muted color

reaching out with a hushed blanket of intent

quiet your mind
Hear Me

the message is clear

swift pass the moments of reverie
images painted on the mind’s eye

floating delicately to rest

a brush of promise

Your path is sure…
…doubt not the steps

in a calm quiet breath
the faint thread of a smile

and I continue…


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