Saturday, July 12, 2014

Space Between

I've been silent here for several months.  I began blogging in 2009 and am approaching my five year anniversary in a couple of months.  In the last eighteen months or so, my writing here has slowed significantly.  I was never into the posting 3-5 times a week concept with my blog, but it was rare for me to go several weeks without writing something.  Now it has become the norm for me to go several months between posting here.  I haven't stressed overly about that, as I accept that everything has an ebb and flow to it.

I don't foresee ever completely abandoning this space, or the Healing Morning concept.  I expect that it will morph and grow with me throughout my life.  For the nonce, I am in a quiet phase with Healing Morning.  It isn't that I have nothing to say here.  Some of my thoughts find their way into a manuscript that I am focused upon with the intent of being published.  Other thoughts are valid and worthwhile to be published here, but my heart is simply not into doing it on a frequent basis right now.

Cycles.  Life is a constant series of cycles, of starting over, of learning, of achieving and of moving on.  My current quiet cycle is one that happens to me every couple of years.  I go inward, sorting through my thoughts, surveying where I currently dwell, the people around me, the work I do, and how all of those factors impact me.  What is my emotional health as a result?  How is my heart feeling on a deep, visceral level?  Am I fulfilled?  Am I wishing for more in any area of my life?  And can I fulfill those wishes on my own, or are they better realized with my hand held by another?  The answers to these questions take time, and a strong dose of honesty.  I'm working my way through the questions and the answers.

This is where I am.  Reflecting.  Realizing that endings are imminent.  Good-byes are necessary.  Some have actually already occurred, and one very recently resonated right out of my immediate sphere on its own.  The relief with that one was pretty profound; although there is sincere love for that person still, I recognize that the energy between us was just not meshing in a productive manner any longer.  The other person felt it, also, and an ending occurred.  It was healthy for both of us, and it was time for it to occur.  Other potential endings are still being ruminated in my heart and my conscious mind. 

It's a curious thing, how the state of pause can be full of a large degree of energetic activity.  I am in a holding pattern, yet there is a great deal going on around me.  Those cosmic threads are out there in the universe, attracting other energies and weaving new fabric together.  My part in this is to sweep out a lot of cobwebs and let go of old, threadbare clothing that no longer fits, no longer serves, and be ready to clothe myself in this newly woven fabric as it returns to me with all the bright new threads.  Each color a new possibility, a new experience, new relationships, new emotions, new strengths....all to mesh with the Me that stands in all that I have lived to this point.  I don't have a clue where it all will lead.  

So, I remain quiet.  Words are a constant, but they might not always make it here into a published post.  All those colored threads within the words are still forming a reality that is on the brink of manifesting.  I am in that space between breaths, between heartbeats, between blinks of the eye, between thoughts.  In my mind's eye, I exist as a brightly colored wisp of misty vapor, drifting along the currents of my own emotions.  The day-to-day reality keeps me tethered to this Earth School so that I do not drift away completely, and so that I have a path to retrace and come back to self.  Back to the here and now.  Back to that space between.  Back to that moment before the next beating of my heart, where possibilities are hovering, waiting to engage and be realized.


  1. Beautifully written and such a wonderful way to describe where you are at this time of your life! love you, Janie

    1. Janie, thank you! The sense of quiet is continuing, and you're aware of the deeper issues from our personal communications. This quiet stage has been a lengthy one, and although I'm fine with that, I'm curious to see when it is going to shift to more activity!

      I love you, sweet friend. <3

      - Dawnie

  2. "I am in that space between breaths, between heartbeats, between blinks of the eye, between thoughts." Oh, Dawn, I, too, just wrote my last "regular" Meditations of My Heart which I posted on Friday. God is definitely pulling me to stay focused on my next series of novels, and if I've learned anything through my blogging, it is to listen to Him. There IS a time for every purpose under heaven, and where you are now, I believe, is exactly where you need to be.
    Continue with your book writing, my friend, and follow blissfully where it leads, knowing creativity in any shape or form is God's tremendous gift to us.
    Love and many blessings!

    1. I loved your last post, Martha! I have noticed that there is a collective consciousness that hits the blogging world quite often - I will write something, and then as I visit other blogs that I follow, I see that it is a common theme with many in their current posts. It's an interesting affirmation for all of us!

      Thank you for the encouragement with my book writing, babes. I'm enjoying delving back into that particular manuscript, and other ideas are beginning to spark.

      Much love and blessings to you in return, chickadee! <3

      - Dawnie

  3. Dawn, it sounds like you are in a reflective place, honouring the "Space Between" those endings and beginnings that are constantly a part of Life's Journey. The title for this post is Perfect and you have depicted it's meaning so well.

    The endings and beginnings not only in relationships with the people in your life but the Cycles in your life are the living of your life...and the Reflection is the assimilation of all that you are within those experiences. You have learned so much, you live it in your present and you carry all that knowledge into the opportunities of your future...this is what I take from the words you have written here. No matter that you do not post often, when you do it carries a lasting impact. It is a joy to witness the "Life" of our friends and learn from it...xxoo

    1. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts, Raven! I'm in a place of absolutely no expectations with my writing here, and it's a curious thing. I would like to have that same sense of balance in other areas of my life, so this is a good starting point.

      I do miss the sense of community with other bloggers, visiting back and forth, sharing impressions of each article written, etc. Perhaps that will build back up in time.

      Love you, sweetie! <3

      - Dawn

  4. I used to write almost everyday but that was because I thought I had to... then I realized last summer when I started exercising that I needed to write when I had something I wanted to say or something I wanted to put into memory.

    I think you should post when you want to... I have another blog just for me, I write there when I need to write but don't feel like letting everyone else read... maybe one day though.

    I am glad to see you posted... Have a wonderful day Dawn :)

  5. Hi, Dawn! ~

    I think I know what you mean about all this. I just started blogging again after taking a year off. You seemed to describe my process better than I ever could have!

    Wishing you well as you go through your process! XOXOXOX

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post. What a great reminder that life consists of rythmic cycles! You're actually lucky to be so tuned in to yourself that you're able to simply accept where you are in the cycle without wishing you were somewhere else. In my experience what seems like downtime is really the mind and body seeking balance, out of which the next surge of creativity will come!

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