Friday, November 19, 2010

Song of Friendship

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As I drove around doing my errands today, I reflected on energy patterns and how they relate to friendship. This post will be published here on Healing Morning blog, but is also destined to be an article in the next quarterly issue of Aromatique Essentials E-zine in Australia. The general theme of this upcoming issue is friendship, and this is why it took me a while to decide exactly what to write. I didn't want to recycle old thoughts, or repackage a prior blog post.

Everything we do, say, think and feel is producing energetic patterns.  These patterns manifest into myriad corporeal forms, but friendship is one pattern that is slightly ephemeral.  It takes shape and form in those people we choose to call friends, be they blood relatives or family of our heart, but friendship itself is an unseen thing.

We all know a wide range of euphemisms that denote how we interact with others.  One would be that "water seeks its own level".  Another would be that "we are judged by the company we keep".  Yet another is my own thought, and it is that when walking on a beach, one grain of sand cannot shift without affecting the millions of other tiny grains around it.  We are like unto that grain of sand in relation to friendship and the people we allow into our Inner Circle. 

As with water seeking its own level, we as human beings resonate at a specific vibratory level, attracting other people vibrating at that same or similar vibration.  This is my own theory, of course, but I feel it rings true.  It would be highly unlikely for any of us to feel physically, emotionally or spiritually comfortable spending time around another person whose intrinsic energy is discordant and not in harmony with our own vibration.  I feel that in this manner, we attract others and we form relationships that complement on an energetic level. 

Because all of Life is of a cyclic nature, there come those moments when friendship...and harmonic longer match.  It is this moment that we usually find most painful, as it is the hallmark of that relationship coming to an end.  I used to struggle mightily with this experience, as it is my nature and preference to keep people I love in my life forever. For some, these cycles are more easily weathered, but I haven't always handled it with equanimity. It took many years of living through these cycles to understand and accept that not all relationships are meant to last forever.  Indeed, the realization and understanding for me, now, tell me that many friendships are meant to burn brightly, quickly, bring strong blessings, and cycle to a close rather quickly.  I still don't like this particular manifestation, but I have come to recognize the beauty of these experiences when they do occur.  I have found a way to be thankful and appreciative of the time and happiness of every friendship I am blessed with.  If they are of a short duration, I have also learned that sometimes, they cycle back around years later in my life. When this occurs, it is particularly lovely, as both I and that old friend have grown and changed in the interim, allowing a homecoming that is a fascinating celebration.

With age comes wisdom....another old homily.  The older I get, the more I recognize that Life is, indeed, an endless cycle of patterns, dances, puzzles, harmonies and paintings.  I mentioned in my last blog post that "friendships are the defining, delicate touches of color on our Souls, I think.  Each person we allow into our Inner Circle adds a new element to our personal canvas, and in so doing, they add contrast." (Contrasts, November 6, 2010)  Through the medium of the internet, I have connected with people I would never otherwise have been able to meet in this lifetime.  From Knoxville, Tennessee to Australia, I have connected in friendship with Julie Nelson (Aromatique Essentials proprietor) and as a result, my writing is reaching an even wider audience. 

From a good health perspective, friendship is essential to us.  Being able to confide in that close friend, being able to laugh, to play, to relax completely...all of these things nurture our Spirit and bestow a wide range of health benefits.  I could go off on a wild tangent on all the good health aspects of friendship, but that is a topic for another article.  Today, as I ran errands, I reflected on the esoteric application of friendship and how the interactions we have with our friends ultimately weaves a strong energetic presence, albeit invisible to our human eyes. 

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 I imagine that the love between friends produces the most beautiful energy pattern, if we could see it with our eyes....produces the most ethereal musical rhapsody, if we could hear it with our ears....produces a woven tapestry of unspeakable beauty, if we could touch it with our hands.  We can do none of these things, but the gift we are given is to feel it with our hearts and minds.  Our Spirit, that essential, unique thumbprint of energy each of us is, feels the blessing and happy energy that friendship produces.  And we are all richer for this blessing. 

Here in the United States, we are approaching our Thanksgiving holiday, so I find this a very fitting tribute to be writing about my own perspective of friendship.  We are always, always exactly where we are meant to be in our lives, with the perfect people surrounding us, offering lessons and reflecting back to us what we are sending out to the world.  Take a moment to give this thought, as it is a powerful statement.  People come into our lives to teach us and also to reflect back to us.  I often remind myself of this very fact if I am feeling dissatisfaction or a lack of harmony surrounding me.  That niggling sensation of things not quite feeling right, as though puzzle pieces aren't aligning properly, is usually a red flag indicating some inner house cleaning is necessary.  Yet another blessing friendship can offer us, if we are willing to listen, be open and also be honest with ourselves.

I find it very appropriate, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, to be writing about the beautiful harmony and blessings of friendship.  As I have written this article, my thoughts have come together in a manner that pleases me, because I also learn from the process.  Little gems of wisdom that I have stumbled across over a lifetime will suddenly surface, fitting into the body of text in just the right fashion.  As a result, my own resolve and Spirit are strengthened and the vibrations that I radiate outward get a bit of a shine and polish.  It is my choice, my conscious intent, to always radiate positive energy so that in return, I may attract similar positive energy and people.  I want the friendships and love in my life to reflect the best version of Me that I am capable of rendering each day.  I call it a song of friendship, this harmony that we all come together to produce.

To those in the United States celebrating Thanksgiving in the coming week, I wish you a safe, happy, blessed holiday.  To my friends and readers elsewhere in this big, beautiful world, I wish you days of peace for the coming holiday season as well.



  1. Love your new page, Dawn!!!! Also, I am very happy for you and your upcoming article in the magazine and can't wait to read your thoughts on `friendship'...
    Great job Dawnie, is going to browse around on your site to read :-)
    Love you girl,

  2. Sweet Dawn. I to believe people coma and go in our lives for a reason and I have had wonderful people come into my life lately as well as needing to let go of others. It is all an ebb and flow/ Happy Thanksgiving to you as well

  3. Sandy, thanks for the comments on the new look! I had some wonderful friends who helped me with the graphics on the header here. I love how it turned out, and it's always nice to get feedback! Hope you enjoy your browsing and as always, thanks for taking time to stop by. :)

    Deanne, Happy Thanksgiving to you in return! Relationships are definitely in our lives to teach and help us grow. Being consciously aware of this, I find, makes a huge difference in HOW we grow, and how we absorb those lessons. Thanks for taking time to visit and leave a lovely comment!

    Love to you both,

  4. Friendship ROCKS! I loved this very much, because personally to me, friendship is the most important --- from which spawns trust and love. There is no love without friendship. In fact, love is friendship!

    Thank you for this post :)

  5. Three, I agree with you on that. Friendship is the basis for all love. Thank you for visiting & leaving such a positive, happy comment!

    ~ Dawn

  6. Friendship is important and come in different shapes or forms. People come into my life and have remained. True friends are few but they truly stand by you when the chips are down.
    Friendship that is based on love, honesty and respect no matter what are hard to find....

  7. Thanks Savira! It's always nice to see your name here for a visit. :)

    ~ Dawn

  8. I like your idea and how you have related the vibrations within ourself to the people we choose as our friends. Amazing! I am glad that my friends and my interactions with them is a big part in my life now. They add the colours, if I have to say it simple!

  9. Hi Surein! So good to reconnect with you, my friend. I grow quite nostalgic this time of year, preceding the holidays, wanting to gather those I care for close again, so it is nice to touch base with you. I'm glad this thought w/ this article resonated for you. It's another one of those that is peculiar and specific to the way my mind works, but I never know who will read and agree, or who will think I'm making zero sense! Once again, I think the vibrations find the right people. Happy Holidays to you!


  10. Hi Dawn,

    What you say about friendship is unique and positive.

    I live on the outskirts of St Petersburg Russia and am physically limited making friends as I used to. At 68 I have contacted friends I last saw at high school graduation, thanks to Facebook and email.

    Virtual friendship is important to me, and a good part of my social experience.

    All the best,

    American Russia Observations

  11. Hi Rob, thank you for visiting my blog & taking time to read & leave such a thoughtful comment! I have said many times before that the world is perhaps as small as it has ever been in history, due to internet technology & social media. It has definitely permanently altered our reality and the way that we interact. I cannot imagine what the future holds, but it will be fascinating to see the progression!

    Best wishes back to you, my friend & a Happy Thanksgiving to you in St. Petersburg!

    ~ Dawn