Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Light always follows

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Do you ever write something to a friend...something of an encouraging or uplifting tone as they're going through a challenging moment...and come back to it later, finding yourself somewhat amazed at your own wisdom?  This happens to me occasionally, often enough that it has forced me to accept two truths.

One is that I can say that I have reached a level of personal growth that I am clearly aware that I am used as a vehicle at certain moments to communicate the words that person needs to hear the most.  I think this happens to all of us on a regular basis, if we're present enough to recognize the experience.

The other truth is that I have also reached a level of growth where I recognize my own abilities and strengths.  Some of this awareness has come from comments from people over the years who have been completely unrelated, all telling me a similar truth about myself.  The "properly raised" side of me struggles with the lessons instilled from childhood to not blow my own horn, to not push myself forward in a self-aggrandizing manner, to not walk forward in an arrogantly perceived fashion.  Those early lessons behoove me to remain humble and to not represent myself brashly.  All of that being said, it is a pleasant thing to come to a place in my personal growth where I am comfortable with the traits and strengths that I have honed over a lifetime; the traits that allow me to make a difference in this world.

Months ago, I was having an email conversation with a friend who was struggling through a rocky period.  This friend had also blogged about their experience, and I had replied with this snippet:

" is also not necessary to walk a dark path alone. The truth is, rarely do we have to, if we would but realize it. Help, encouragement, friendship and a soft place to fall are all usually within fingertip reach...even if all that those things can do is simply provide a listening ear. Brighter moments are always on the horizon because it is a simple truth that darkness cannot endure. Light always follows."
At the time I wrote that passage, it struck me as a very powerful message.  So powerful that I copied and pasted it into my blog draft folder, tucking it away for a future blog article.  When I was writing those words above, I was consciously aware that I was being given a degree of assistance, as the words flowed so effortlessly from my keyboard.  I had that moment of startling clarity where all the planets aligned, per se, and the simplicity of the wording gave me chills.  When chills hit, you know that you've created something of such harmonic purity that it resonates at a very high level.  At least, that's the message I receive when chills hit me after writing or reading something that I find to be profound.

So, this line of thought falls somewhat into the "chicken vs. egg" theory.  Which came first - being aware that I was being used as a vehicle to communicate that message?  Or reaching a stage of awareness that allowed me to be aware I was being used as that vehicle?  Many would say that it doesn't matter, and perhaps that is true.  I think there is no fault in claiming ownership of growth and awareness on a spiritual level, as those personal achievements are always hard fought and hard won. 

One of my strongest talents in this life is the ability to weave words together to communicate my thoughts.  Another strong talent is one that I haven't ever consciously honed - it is one that I have come to accept exists through the comments of people around me.  For whatever reason, I exude a sense of peace on a personal level, as well as that same sense of peace being communicated with my writing.  When I started this blogging journey and sat with a friend and her laptop to create this blog page, I had no idea how prophetic and ideal the title I came up with would be.  The Healing Morning title continues to be appropriate, and continues to allow me to grow....or, more to the point, it grows with me.  Occasionally, I will run across a passage I have written in the past and be reminded that I am definitely on the right path.  The quote above was such a reminder. 

I think we all question why we are here on a regular basis.  We wonder if we're making any tangible difference in the world with the life we're leading.  It can be a lonely reality for every single one of us occasionally.  The comment above that I wrote to my friend had a dual purpose; one being to extend encouragement and support to that friend, and another being to remind me, months down the road, that I'm doing okay. 

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There's that passage in the Bible about entertaining angels unaware:

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrew 13:2
Let me stress that I am in no way intimating that I am some exalted presence!  Far from it.  I do, however, think there is the possibility that when we are in a creative and/or loving state of mind, that our Spirit opens up to a larger degree, allowing inspiration to flow.  Who is to say that this is not merely a different manner of entertaining angels unaware?  Divine presence doesn't have to manifest in physical form for us to feel it and be inspired by it.  I have heard many creative people claim an almost amnesiac state of mind when they have been in a firestorm of creativity - they feverishly go with the Muse, working non-stop until the canvas has been painted, the book has been written, the song has been created, the athletic event has been won.  When they look back and attempt to explain or detail each step, it is a blur.  All they can say is that a rush of unique, all encompassing energy took over and their body responded until the goal was achieved.

I talk a great deal about Light when I write.  I find it interesting that I ended my paragraph to this friend with the comment that

"Brighter moments are always on the horizon because it is a simple truth that darkness cannot endure. Light always follows."

This is a message I need to remember on a personal level, because I, too, have moments that I lose sight of this simple truth.  Whatever the source of beautiful inspiration that produced that thought, I find it a strong, clear message.  Not everyone will read this blog article and find it to make the kind of sense that I am attempting to communicate.  Others will read it and immediately understand what I am working to convey.  This Earth School that we all inhabit definitely gives us strong challenges and those challenges take us on complicated journeys, weaving in and out of sunlight, passing through occasional dark, sometimes protracted passages.  The message that I have learned over a lifetime is clear, and it is one I will continue to share....

Darkness cannot endure.  Light always follows.


  1. Very well said your answer to the Chicken and the Egg...I think both. You are definitley in the " Stream of Consciousness" and your awareness is not linked to time and just is. You are definitley a conduit for inspiration. I really appreciate and enjoy your writing style....

  2. he was the word and let there be light. and he saw that it was good. he created us in his image and likeness the word came from the darkness and there is light in you thank you and god bless

  3. Miss Raven, I love that thought: "...your awareness is not linked to time and just is." That was another one of those give-me-chills moments! I don't know about you, but I'm already sensing a remembrance going on w/ you - a memory of connection. And I look forward to growing in friendship.

    Roy, how beautifully written. "..and there is light in you". That got me choked up, so thank you, my friend, for recognizing that Light. I see it in you in return.

    Namaste' to you both, from my heart.


  4. Another great post! I truly believe that I am just a vehicle when I am teaching yoga. The words I speak during my class... I forget after I teach.
    Many have told me how inspiring and encouraging my words have been.... I accept but thank the energy for guiding me.
    I am just the instrument!

  5. Savira, isn't it fascinating, this process?! I would LOVE to take a class with you someday, darling girl. I'm positive it would be a transcendant experience. Being that vehicle, and the avenues that Divine energy takes to achieve's just endlessly cool to me.

    Much love to you,

  6. really interesting and brave post. When we speak of our own creativity and the feeling of being at one with the world then we take the risk of a " God speaks to Brady and Brady tells the world" moment! Maybe our creativity is the way we try and give the truth that we see,feel and hear when we listen to nature,god or whatever term works for us. A way of spreading good with a teaspoon of honey!!

  7. Debra - you definitely have it in you and 'Healing Morning' is a joy to read and answers many many questions for your readers as well. That of course includes me. Your words are beautiful and full of inspiration - thank you!

  8. You definitely created healing in my morning with this post full of profound truth. It is very encouraging and confirming. As for the chicken and egg, I believe it is both. Light flows both ways, in infinite circles.
    I have had the experience of someone coming back through my life 20 years down the road to tell me that something I had said, changed the whole way he did business. This from a very successful businessman who has been a silent hero to our country and has profoundly changed lives in the US and abroad with his business strategies. To think I had an influence in that, without being aware of doing so,gives me chills. I must have been living in the light at that innocent time in my past.
    At other times I have said or done something that I immediately recognized as inspiring. That gives me chills because I know I have placed myself in a position to allow the light to flow through me. When we do that, we are all exalted. We are all part of that same light.
    Thanks for shining your light and sharing these thoughts with us.

  9. Good Morning Dawn -

    I'm a firm believer that we are all used as vehicles millions of times in our lives. Innocent children often lend me a hand in guiding me as I'm able to be the recipient of their sincere ways.

    Sincerity is key in being a positive vehicle; through our actions, words, and kind gestures. To love is to give, and to give is to love. As a middle-aged guy, hopefully I accurately identify those times in my life where I need to be that vehicle you speak about.

    I love to love and love to help out where I am sometimes needed. Great post, Dawn! :)

  10. Jim, what a perfect statement, "A way of spreading good w/ a teaspoon of honey!" I loved that thought. I always enjoy your perspective on life, and it appears we speak a similar language of sorts. When I share this side of myself in my writing, I am never sure if it will translate well, the message I'm attempting to convey. I guess I should stop worrying over that and embrace that those who are meant to "get it" will do so w/ no problem. Thanks for "getting" me! :)

    Kriti, I'm not sure who Debra is, but I appreciate your comments here. We bloggers enjoy both receiving and giving/sharing inspiration, yes? It's one of my favorite parts of the blogging world, the way we each complement one another. I'm so happy you enjoy what you find here, dear one. I'm off to visit you in return after I respond to comments here. :)

    Susan, your words "at that innocent time in my life" struck me so powerfully! I think that's another facet of this concept we're discussing here - I think that when we are in that pure-of-heart, innocent state, that is when we're at the strongest, most receptive vibration to be used as that vehicle. I'm smiling to hear that your own morning was affected in a positive manner from visiting here - that's always my goal when I write. :)

    Brian, your comment was equally profound regarding sincerity. Without that, I think we walk around in a completely reactive, unconscious manner. Definitely not the state I want to inhabit! I'm happy to have you visit today & I'll be returning the favor with a visit to your blog.

    Many thanks to each of you for your wonderful comments on this topic! I think everyone added such depth and richness here, and I love it when there's this type of sharing and interaction. :)



  11. P.S. Brian, I attempted to click on your Blogger link to visit your blog page, but your profile hasn't been activated to public view. I didn't want you to think that I was ignoring you; I always visit the pages of anyone who takes time to visit me here and leave comments. :)

    ~ Dawn

  12. Your post struck a chord as I'm reminded of supporting and comforting a friend who lost a beloved cat. Even though I'd never owned a cat or experienced pet loss myself, I found the right words to ease her suffering and she says I was her greatest strength during that stressful time, God used me as an avenue of communication to uplift and inspire.

    Little did I know Erin would pass a few years later and I'd come full circle. It seems everything I spoke to my friend was forgotten with my personal grief and my own personal pillar of somfort would be needed. I often feel weak and cowardly when facing my own trials but powerful when aiding in another's fight, guess it's human nature to show determination more for others than ourselves. Nice post!!

  13. Dave, I think we all feel a bit less sure when facing our own issues. The distance that comes with helping others gives perspective that allows us to disengage a bit. When it's our own emotions at hand, it's not as easy to get that same clarity. That being said, I'm not surprised you were able to help your friend in her own time of loss. You have a good heart. :) Thank you, as always, for visiting & leaving such a great comment!

    ~ Dawnie

  14. Thank you for allowing me to share even small stretches of your lighted path...

  15. Hey Dawn, you wonderful woman. Last nite I partied to celebrate my upcoming 60th birthday. Fortunately for me, instead of waking up to a hangover, I woke up to your post! As usual, it is so synchronous with what is going on with me as my book is now out to the general public. In my book I talk about the work I do with my patients' spirits and also my evolution through doubt,EGO, and humility, etc to where I am NOW. I know and trust that Love is using me at all times and I give my life to be a vehicle to express the communication Love wants me to give. While now I can aknowledge and own that this is what I do, I also know it's not about's about Love. I am grateful to be of service.
    Daawn, you make total sense to me. I am grateful for you.

    Love, Linda

  16. Dawn,

    You write from a pure place that teaches us that light is in everything, even in darkness. Please continue to use your insights to light the paths for others. You definitely have a talent for this kind of work! :-)

  17. S.k., I LOVE that you're walking along with me! A journey is always much more fun to experience when friends are alongside, yes?! Absolutely. Thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely comment, my friend. <3

    Linda, it's so cool when another kindred spirit stops by for a visit! First, congratulations on your book being published - I am so happy for you about that! Second, I find it equally synchronous that you use the wording of "Love using us as vehicles", to paraphrase. I say that very thing quite often, as anything of Divine origin is Light in pure Love form. Namaste' to you, dear one, as I truly recognize and celebrate that Love Light w/in you. <3

    Tameka, you just gave me the biggest smile with your words! What a lovely thing to say. Thank you, my friend, for appreciating my efforts here and for giving me such a nice affirmation that I'm achieving what I set out to do with my work. I feel like my whole being is full of smiles, so thank you twice! :)

    Namaste', from my heart, to each of you.


  18. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! I just posted a long comment and it disappeared on me!

    I'll try again. It will be nowhere near as eloquent.

    Dawn, you know I don't have a metaphysical bone in my body, so when somebody writes a post very heavily dealing with stuff like that, my eyes generally glaze over.

    But you always break through that glaze in a burst of light and I have to read every word. Maybe you're saying something that I need to hear but my body (and my brain) is resisting it? I don't know.

    All I know is that I feel inspired whenever I read your stuff. And this is another example.

    So thank you.

    On another note, I completely understand what you're talking about at the beginning, when you go back and read something you've written and are amazed at the wisdom in it.

    I do the same thing, though it's not wisdom for me. It's just quality. Or humour. Or something insightful.

    I go back and read something and think "Wow, did I write this?" I laugh at a joke I made, not believing that it's something that my brain actually produced.

    Or a turn of phrase that just hits me in the right way. I can't believe that's something I've written.

    I understand not wanting to toot your own horn, though.

    So allow us to toot it for you!

    Wait, that sounds bad. Never mind...

    Thank you again, my friend.

    (CEO of Long-Winded Comments 'R' Us Inc.)

  19. Hey Dave!

    You do TOO have a metaphysical/spiritual bone in your body - my stuff wouldn't resonate with you at all otherwise. So, there THAT is. It's just slumbering a wee bit, that's all. ;-)

    But given that it's not intrinsic to your nature as a general rule, I am even more touched that you take time to visit my blog and read my stuff!

    Thank you for the helping hand w/ the blowing of the horn, my friend! I will cheerfully return the favor whenever possible, because I love your sense of humor and writing style.

    (Contributing Writer at Long-Winded Comments 'R' Us Inc.)

  20. “Divine presence doesn't have to manifest in physical form for us to feel it and be inspired by it.” You mean like today when I came here and grew teary-eyed while reading this message? I hadn’t planned to stop by here today – or to do any blog reading for that matter – but I automatically gravitated to Healing Morning for some strange reason. In some circles they say we are led by the Spirit to certain places. And I believe this to be the case today. This morning during my meditation time I was inspired with the thought of angels, and I grabbed my journal and wrote the first line, “God always sends angels on time.” I was thinking of a friend who was there for me in a dark hour, and was planning to write a post about it. I could see an old picture of her with a rainbow arched over her head. And the more I pondered writing that story, the stronger the urge felt. Then I came here and voila! You are speaking on that very subject. Funny, but I hadn’t thought of angels in ages, not until the aforementioned line… and then I come here and feel confirmed to write a piece I’ve been putting off for a long time. Thank you Dawn for showing up and writing this most divine message.

  21. Debra, when you visit and comment, I always come away with such a warm feeling inside! You have no idea how much it means to me when you share your perceptions about how my writing impacts you. This is why all writers write, after touch hearts and souls. If we're really blessed, we make a difference, and if all the planets align properly, we actually hear about that fact. Thank you for giving me such a precious affirmation. Now I'm heading over to your blog to see what this combined inspiration produced!

    Much love to you,


  22. Dawn, I haven't written it yet. But that's my next project.

  23. Wonderfully articulated and beautiful sentiment, Dawn! Very Bodhisattva-esque.

  24. Wow, Peyton, I am humbled by that beautiful compliment! You know how you hear creative people comment that it's challenging to choose a true favorite out of their artistic endeavors? I always feel that my most recent work is my new favorite, and that's true of this one. The words flowed and I felt that I shared my thoughts succinctly - the harmony felt right to me. Of course, hearing that other people felt a similar sense of rightness is always a happy moment, so thank you for visiting, my friend!

    Smiles to you,


  25. Dawn, your article sure resonated with me! I went through a period of darkness for years fighting depression, anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I hated life, everyone and everything, even God. I even began to pray to God to either heal me or take me home, because I couldn't live like that anymore. He did neither, but he did direct me to connect with my old high school graduating class over the Internet. What a great group of friends! They helped give me encouragement and helped lead me out of the darkness and back into the light. It's still a struggle, but with the help of proper medication, good friends, and God, I'm making it. Thank you!

  26. Mr. Geezer (I feel really strange calling you that - you're Don, correct?) I'm glad this article had meaning and impact for you! I have reconnected with many childhood and high school friend via the internet also. Isn't it fascinating to get to know these people all over again from the adult perspective? I'm glad you've found a place of balance in your own life; we all have that struggle at any given moment. I'm also glad that you're blogging, because I really enjoy your writing style. :)


  27. hey dawn.... this post was fantastically summed up. I enjoyed it reading till the end.
    but the lines are liked most are

    " The "properly raised" side of me struggles with the lessons instilled from childhood to not blow my own horn, to not push myself forward in a self-aggrandizing manner, to not walk forward in an arrogantly perceived fashion. Those early lessons behoove me to remain humble and to not represent myself brashly."

    Each word was so true.

  28. Hey Jyoti! Thanks for visiting and leaving a wonderful comment. The fact that you enjoyed the whole article made me smile. I am definitely a wordy blogger & know that it sometimes takes some dedication for my readers to stick with me to the end of each post. I occasionally challenge myself to write shorter posts, but I accepted long ago that I just need to use more words to get my point across! :)

    Smiles to you, sweetheart!

    ~ Dawn