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I don't know about anyone else, but for me, the process of writing and inspiration striking is a random one. Most family members and close friends resigned themselves years ago to the realization that any conversation or shared experience with me is potential fodder for either a plotline for a manuscript, or a topic for a blog post. I solemnly swore, hand over heart, to always change names to protect the innocent!

So, that being said, some names I don't change because they deserve full credit for sparking an idea that turns into a blog post. My friend Duane Scott is one of my regular sources for inspiration, simply because we talk a lot and we tend to make one another ponder deep topics. At other times, the subject might be lighthearted and fun, but this particular blog focuses on a 'ponder deeply' topic.

This was the original question thrown out that started the whole thing:

Question Of The Day: Is it possible for a person to be fully satisfied with who they are?
Duane Scott - Scribing the Journey
My response:

I think it is possible for people to be content - that's a different word and different emotional application. And both are conscious choices that we make daily - the same way choosing to be happy falls into that category. Are there bad things happening in the world? Are there bills to pay? Are there wars and famine and poverty? Yes to all of the above. However, rather than letting the knowledge of those things make us miserable, we can choose to find reasons to be happy. We can also choose to find reasons to be content and to be satisfied. They are all conscious choices.

So, yes, I believe it is possible. On the other hand, I also believe that continually striving for better in our lives is of paramount importance! If we stop dreaming, we stagnate. Perhaps the point I'm attempting to make is that it's possible to choose to be content/satisfied on a moment-to-moment basis. Hmm...perhaps a blog is about to be born!
His reply:
Dawn... Write on! Write a post! I'd love to hear your thoughts. These are amazing, but there are more tucked in your brain, aren't there. ;) I know you too well.
And here we are, with me writing a blog post! I've often debated the topic of what constitutes being satisfied. There are so many layers and facets to that applies to literally every area of life. Not long ago, a different friend posted a quote that suggested we should release all ties to wanting more. The basic premise of that thought was focusing more on people who choose to embrace a materialistic life to their own detriment. While I see the full logic and value of being prudent along those lines, I also feel that it is equally important to always want more in life. I'm not necessarily talking about material possessions. Wanting more, for me, quite often is of a spiritual nature. I want to continue to grow as a person; I want to be able to feel that I am improving daily. I have abilities I want to continue to hone. I have negative traits I want to learn to release.

That being said, on a material level, I also have dreams. I aspire to improve the conditions of my life and feel that this is a worthwhile and necessary part of life. I want to succeed at so many dreams, and the hallmark of some of those successes will manifest in material gain. I want to continue to dream big. I want to always be learning and changing and growing. I want to make my own mark on this world, and I want to do it in a big way.

Stagnating is something I hold in abject horror. I have always cheerfully admitted to having what I dub Low Boredom Threshold, and this is what drives me to continue learning. Yes, it can also be an exhausting prod that I tire of occasionally, but the beauty of it all is that no one but me is behind the drive. I can call a halt anytime I choose and just bask in my current state. Perhaps it is those moments that the true sense of satisfaction is realized, but I also find immense satisfaction in discovering that next new challenge to conquer. To me, this is exciting, knowing that I'm on the verge of learning new things. Others might find that same process to be unbearably boring. We're all beautifully unique in what gives us joy.

Is there a way to truly answer Duane's original question definitively? Of course not. I rarely embrace absolutes, because we live in a world that changes from one second to the next. In one breath, I can claim that it is most definitely possible to be completely satisfied and at peace. I am quite often content, as I am richly blessed in the things which truly matter to me...loving family, good health, loving friends, a roof over my head and an agile mind. In the next breath, I can claim with equal fervor that I hope to never be fully satisfied, because to feel such a state would make me, personally, feel there are no new vistas to explore.

And there are always, always new vistas to explore. THAT is tremendously satisfying to know...because the journey goes on.

Now let's see what YOU think. I think it only fair to continue the discussion and find out what you, and Duane, think of the result of that original stream of conversation. What side of the fence are you on? Is there even a fence existing on this topic for you? Are you a mellow, laid back type who embraces satisfaction with ease, or are you a bit more driven and rarely still long enough to contemplate a state of calm where you can regard things as being well done? Or, are you what I think most of us are....a mixture of both? Share your thoughts! I really do want to know, because by doing so, we all get to go on fascinating journeys that we would never experience on our own. The door is open...take me on a journey with you!


  1. Great post Dawn! I don't ever want to be "content." You can be happy, you're right that's a different thing. I'm not "happy" if I'm not breaking my knuckles (metaphorically) on something I'm not sure that I can do yet. What's the sense in having a life if you just leave it on a shelf to dust off once in awhile?

  2. Brent, we're definitely on the same page here! Personally, when I'm faced with a new it personal or job related...that scares me that I might have taken too big a risk, too big a bite, etc., THAT is when I feel I am truly living. I love that! No dusty shelf perching for us, my friend. :) Thanks for stopping by!

    ~ Dawn

  3. For me, I believe that contentment and satisfaction are very similar in personal endeavors, both internally and externally. Levels of personal growth hold both satisfaction of oneself and contentment in knowing we are growing and becomming all that we can be as humans. There is always room for improvement. As I teach my children to be honest at all times and feel we (they) have accomplished this, this is wonderful and needs recognition. But why do we tell grandma in the nursing home she looks well when she obviously does not? Then we go on to another aspect of the necessity of 'white lies' and all that entails. When we (or my children for example) can recognize how and when to use 'white lies' we (or they) have accomplished another level. I believe no one should ever become 'satisfied' with who they are, but should be satisfied if they can look back and see their own growth, see where they have changed unwanted behaviors and have become a better person. I have always believed to be satisfied with who you are and not attempt to become better, makes a person stagnant and represses all that they can be.

  4. Contentment, Happiness, Satisfaction = PEACE to me. Growth is a way of life and should never be blocked just because one has achieved C,H or S...
    There are many levels of these emotion as we beings are dimensional in nature.
    Life encourages us to seek deeper within and to find those various shades of C,H,and S... It is up to us to choose how far we want to dig in to our lives in order to achieve it.

  5. Audra, thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate you continuing to wrestle w/ blogger until you got the Comments section to cooperate!

    Savira love, so happy to see your name here! I assume you're getting settled in your new location now. I agree w/ you..."life should never be blocked because we have achieved C, H or S..." Very well said, sweetie!


  6. What Brent Wrote: "What's the sense in having a life if you just leave it on a shelf to dust off once in awhile?"

    Amen. And I'm with you Dawn. There is a way to be happy whilst never being fully content.

    Some people will tell you that is a contradiction of terms. I digress.

    I loved this post.

  7. There is always a new dance step the gopher can learn. But, you never forget the joy of the ones you know.

  8. Duane, I agree, Brent's comment boiled it all down to one succinct statement. I wish I could write like that, but we all know I have to yammer on, take the scenic route, stop and chat w/ the neighbors...all to make my final point! I don't think your comment is a contradiction in terms at all. If it IS, then cool...I'm a walking contradiction in terms! Works for me! Thanks for visiting, my friend.

    Bethie, I've missed you in the Fairy Glen. So glad to see you back among us! And yes, there's are definitely always new steps to learn. Variety and new experiences complement and add more sparkle to the steps we already know. Speaking of 'sparkle', Sparkle is holding the Gopher paw during this new dance! :)

    Love to you both,

  9. Dawn your blog gets better and better each day. Your a great inspiration to me and many others out here in this crazy world, You keep me grounded. And I love you for that. Take care, Papa

  10. Hi Papa!!! It always makes me smile to see you've visited my blog, and it gives me that extra warm feeling inside that you like my writing. Knowing you're there, enjoying my work as well as our friendship grounds me in return. Family is sometimes where we choose to find it and I'm so glad to call you part of my extended family.

    Love you Papa!