Monday, June 28, 2010

What if....

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I'm sure that by now practically every person walking the planet has heard some snippet of information about the year 2012. Various Doomsday scenarios are circulating out there, proclaiming that everything from catastrophic Earth changes to full-out Armageddon/The World Will End will occur in December 2012. As I am not omniscient, I have no idea what will happen in 2012. What I would like to say about this is....

What if the world doesn't end in 2012? We had a small taste of a similar hysteria that built up in 1999 with Y2K dire warnings of everything coming to a screeching halt with technology. Computers would crash and everything would go back to "the old ways" of doing things. Even in my area of the southeast, there were many survivalist groups which sprang up. I actually remember talking to people who were excited about this possibility; these people were romanticizing a reality that they could never truly be prepared for. Very few of us today have much concept of what living without electricity is truly like....what it would be like to have to grow our own food and be completely dependent upon the whims of nature for vital crops to thrive and be harvested. Luckily for all of us, when the year 2000 rang its way in, the world did not end. Technology rolled right along with very few hiccups to mar the even tenor of our lives. I, for one, was extremely relieved that the dire predictions didn't manifest.

And now, here we are again....hysteria building, more dire warnings predicted and quite a few people seemingly excited about the prospect of global catastrophe occurring. This is beyond my personal ability to grasp how anyone could possibly anticipate such a horrific outcome with excitement and hope, yet those people are out there.

I repeat, what if the world doesn't end in 2012? What if life continues its purposeful march forward and catastrophic earth changes do not occur? What if, starting today, we all focus positive thoughts around December 2012 and choose to believe that our Mother Earth will survive to harbor us all?? What if...instead of global disaster, the true shift that occurs is one of unity and peace?

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What if the true worldwide manifestation that is predicted for December 2012 is actually a spiritual shift that brings us together on a worldwide level such as Man has never experienced?

Would people be disappointed if this positive wave of energy is the true manifestation that we experience? Maybe. I don't doubt that some people really do want to see a huge amount of chaos and drama instead of an equally huge wave of good enveloping the globe. Is it wishful thinking to believe that in a flashpoint moment, every person walking the planet could be instantaneously changed for the better, that each individual harmony that we call our Spirit could be lifted and shifted to a higher consciousness? I don't see that thought as any more preposterous or impossible to embrace than the Doomsday concepts swirling about. Why do we as a people tend to get more easily wrapped up in a negative scenario? I guess we could brush it off as something that is inherent to our psyche.

I just know that I, personally, feel that it is necessary to focus on a positive manifestation for December 2012.

If there is even a modicum of truth that we truly do generate our reality from our thoughts, then I find the willful belief in the negative 2012 scenario to be frightening. There are definitely a great many people who do believe in that negative scenario. In light of this, I choose to feel, think, believe and speak positive thoughts in return. I have said this many times before and will say it again here:

My belief is that December 2012 will be no more eventful than the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.
This was another moment in recent history where many Doomsday prophecies were spinning around, yet the day dawned bright, clear and uneventful. There were people the world over joined together that day in positive thought, I do remember that. Were they responsible for the lack of catastrophic events, or was the fear based thinking simply that....fears with no basis? There is no way to answer that question. I just know that the day itself was a calm, quiet, peaceful one in my small spot on the planet.

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Nobody knows what that specific day in December 2012 will bring for our planet. What we can say with certainty is that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Earth changes can and will happen, as they are a natural part of this living planet's evolution. Yes, those Earth changes can be incredibly destructive to land, property and lives. Is it written in stone, or the Mayan Calendar that the world will end on that day in December 2012? No, it is not. It is simply the ending of one calendar's cycle and the beginning of a new one. I am not writing this article to debate the science of the Mayan people. I am here to suggest that rather than wrapping a blanket of fear based thinking about us and focusing on negatives, what if we change our mantra to:

"The world is just beginning a new cycle in December 2012 and we are all fortunate to be there and welcome this positive, new energy wave."

It is a simple shift of our daily thoughts and takes mere microseconds to achieve. Just give it some thought. What if you make this one small change? I can say this much with absolute certainty - when I think of the Doomsday predictions of disaster, I feel like absolute crud. When I think of a positive manifestation of strong beauty, higher vibrations and only good things occurring on that day in December 2012, I feel wonderful! I know which mindset I prefer to embrace. I know which emotions and feelings I choose to experience, and that is where my conscious thoughts are focused for the year 2012. Again, if there is any veracity to the belief that our thoughts are what shape our reality, why not begin today by choosing to think positive, uplifting, healthy, safe, beautiful thoughts for our world for the year 2012? What if that is what makes the difference and shifts the energy from negative to positive for that year?

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Seriously, people...what if? We are the stewards of this glorious planet - why not be mindful of the thoughts we project about our one home?? I know that I grow increasingly weary of being bombarded with all the fear based thinking, all the dire predictions and people practically salivating in anticipatory glee with the negative predictions. I find that type of mindset to be exhausting and draining to be around, and I definitely don't choose to read it online, in newspapers or watch it on television. I am not suggesting that we all sit in a corner and ignore the negatives in our world. They definitely exist and are reason to be concerned and take action. That is not at all what I am talking about here - I am talking about choosing to think positive thoughts and project positive energy towards the year 2012. What if that is all that is necessary to shift the energy and make that day as quiet, calm and peaceful as the day of the Harmonic Convergence and the first day of the year 2000? It certainly can't hurt a blooming thing for all of us to choose those positive thoughts over the negative ones.

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I admit that I am one of the more patriotic people out there. I am patriotic about my home state of Tennessee; I am patriotic about my country, the United States of America and I am patriotic about this beautiful planet upon which we all live. I want a strong, positive future for myself, my family and all the people that I love....and I want that same reality for everyone else walking this planet. Many people will read these thoughts and say that I am still wearing rose colored glasses and viewing life through idealistic eyes. I will staunchly agree and take one step further to declare there is nothing wrong with either choice. I have chosen to use only beautiful photographs to illustrate this blog article because I see no reason to embrace negatives in thoughts or visual images. What if that's really all it takes to tip the scales in the direction of only good things for us in the year 2012?

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I don't have the answers to that one solid question, but I think it is worth taking time each day to choose the positive mindset. I think it is worthwhile to take moments out of each day to choose to believe the year 2012 will be full of positive happenings and that our world at large will continue. I think it is uplifting to choose those positive thoughts and believe that the year 2012 will be peaceful, safe and calm for all of us. This is my choice in the What if? question. This is what I choose and I hope that many others in the world will choose that same path. What if? It's a good question. How will you choose to reply?


  1. Morning Dawn, I agree 100%, I strongly believe that there is a movement towards a new world consciousness & that it will change the world like something we've never seen before. I always choose to error on the side of positive thought & I've never bought into the doomsdayers who believe 2012 will be the end & to be honest if it is the end then there's nothing we can really do about it. The most important lesson any of us can learn is to live today to the fullest, as you stated we have no promise for tomorrow & as long as we live each day to the fullest we should have no worries about what may or may not happen tomorrow.

    I join you with your wonderful intentions.



  2. Hey Bill, thanks for the nod of understanding and recognition towards what I am communicating w/ this post! The past two weeks I seem to have run into way too many people who espouse that fear based mindset and it was seriously dragging me down. I just cannot understand wanting to embrace such a negative outlook, so I did what always works best for me...I wrote the frustrations out of my heart and put my own positive approach on the subject.

    As you mentioned, regardless of who may or may not be right or wrong about the whole thing, what will be, will be. Our best approach, therefore, is definitely to live life to its fullest and be joyful. When faced with that choice, I can see no other path than to walk towards Joy and positive thoughts. Thank you for joining me, my friend!


  3. Your post was great food for thought. In the Hindu philosophy the belief is that we are in the stage of Kali Yug/Dark ages. Focus is purely on the physical/mental and materialism. There are 4 stages.
    Golden/Truth, Treta/Silver, Dvapar/iron. Each stage is related to mankinds changes towards life and their inner path.

    A cycle that the world goes through and of course humans as well. It does put things into perspective...... for me at least.

    I choose to look into the path of renewal and positivity. I have one life and I choose to live it to my fullest and can only hope that changes will happen for the future generations.

  4. YogaSavy, I always enjoy your perspective and the information you share about the Hindu philosophy. Each culture's interpretation of age old concepts can teach us so much if we're willing to be open minded and embrace the fact that they all speak from a common Divine purpose. That's my take on it, at least. I join you in looking into the path of renewal and positivity. What the future will bring for us is not known, so my focus is to live in the now and do so in a joyful, positive manner.


  5. @ Dawn


    Hi...though i'm not new to yoru blog perhaps this is my first comment!
    Firslt want to congratulate you for bringing the right kind of vibe and thoughts back in this post!

    People are just going crazy these days despite of having so much of movitional stimulations from all around. Hence, while reading Your post brings the balance of mind state and pleasant aura with a sence of satisfaction in thoughts!

    Simply love your ultra+positive prospect in everything..and this post is awesome!!

    ~ Keep the Spark ALive..

  6. I agree. Except I'm the guy that doesn't worry about thinking positive about 2012, because I don't think it's worthy of my worries.

    I wish I could find the incredible article a scientist had written about the movie 2012 and how it is scientifically impossible that anything will happen.

    I trust in God. He could call an end to this world this second. Or he could do it on 2012. Or 4675. All I know is that He is in control and no matter what people say or try to prophesy, it doesn't matter.

    That's just me. It's really simple way of looking at it.

    Good thoughts!

  7. Rachana, how nice to see your name on my Comments section! I'm glad to know there are so many people out there who embrace a positive mindset. This particular topic has just been frustrating me for quite some time, so I wrote the frustrations away and focused on the positives. I'm happy it made sense and hit the uplifting tone that I was striving for. Thank you for visiting & leaving such a wonderful comment!

    M.D., thanks to you also for a great comment! Although I realize nothing I say or write can change anyone's mind if they truly choose to focus on negatives, this was my way of casting light on a more positive way of thinking. As I mentioned in the post above, tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so why not choose to live life with happy expectations? Thanks for weighing in on this one today!

    ~ Dawn

  8. I'm with Duane (at least in the "I don't think it's even worth worrying about" aspect of his comment). It's all a bit too metaphysical for my brain to absorb. :)

    However, I agree with you that people who constantly dwell on the world ending in 2012 (whether they want it to or not) are wasting their time and their energy. Aren't there better things to think about?

    Finally, I just want to say that Y2K *could* have been a major catastrophe if not for the hard work of a lot of people who put a lot of time and effort into fixing things so that it wouldn't be a problem. I do think the "stockpile fresh water and make sure you've got guns!" mindset was *very* overblown, but nobody should minimize the fact that there could have been some major repercussions if everybody had just gone on as if there was nothing wrong.

    I'm not saying you were minimizing it, Dawn (I know you wouldn't), but Y2K is kind of my trigger. When it's mentioned, I like to point that out for any other readers who are out there (unless the writer him/herself was making the very same point).

    It doesn't matter that I'm not a big believer in spiritual energy and all that, this was still a great post! Positive thinking never hurt anybody.

  9. Wow, just realized that was extremely long-winded. Sorry about that! :)

  10. Great post Dawn! Well you know I am totally behind you on this as we have had our own discussions on this topic. Though I do not think we are headed to hell in a handbasket as some would have us believe, I DO believe it is very important that we keep our thoughts, actions and beliefs as positive as possible. In my own personal philosophy, I do not believe that a savior is going to save us or our world, but we must do it ourselves. We have been gifted with brains and other tools to get the job done. There indeed must be a shift away from ego-centered, materialistic thinking to a more universal, all-inclusive vision for our future as a One People/One Planet.

    Thank you for the great thought-provoking post!

  11. Dave, no worries about long winded replies - I like those! *L* And I believe I've left a few of the same type of comments on your own blogs one time or another. That just means you were engaged by what I wrote to the degree that you had a lot to say and I consider that to be a huge compliment! I definitely wasn't trying to minimize the whole Y2K concept - I was talking more about the borderline scary people who really DID want the very worst manifestation of Y2K to happen. I repeat that those people were romanticizing what "the old days" were really like & none of us would've enjoyed a second of life like that, had it occurred. I enjoyed your comment, my friend, as always. One of these days we'll be in the same space & have a fun time chatting face to face! Seriously, won't that be a cool thing to experience?!

    Irma Kaye, I loved your comment! Yes indeedy, you and I have definitely shared many a deep discussion on this topic & I am not surprised it resonated for you. We share such similar mindset and vision for this world that we love deeply, after all. I'm all for focusing with bright intention and mindful clarity on lifting our individual vibrations. That, in my humble opinion, is the best way to move forward and live in harmony. Hand in hand, sister-mine! I'll be right there w/ you, raising vibrations & embracing a positive, all-inclusive, loving reality.

    Much love & appreciation to you both!


  12. (Gets out Google translator.....)

    Dawn, I would love it if we were in the same space! You could talk my ear off with your positive energy and I could talk your ear off about my Xbox. :)

    But seriously, it would be very cool. I've only been to Tennessee (ack! Did I spell that right?) once, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Nashville and Dollyworld!

    But the drive down there itself was beautiful as well. My oldest niece took her first steps in the motel room we were all in. It was awesome.

  13. Dawn -
    one of your BEST.
    (You know how much I agree!!!) FEAR has way too much control of our planet right now. Keep sending out these little sparks of light! I Have a "little" award/pat-on-the-back for you over at my site! Have an AWESOME 4th!

  14. Hi Pamela, thanks for the kind words! With the Gulf oil spill and all the other sad things we see on the news daily, I think it is even MORE imperative that we focus on positive thoughts. I will definitely work hard to keep spreading the Light & I so appreciate it when a kindred spirit recognizes that effort! Thank you for the award, btw - that made me smile! I'll head over to your blog after I post this. Happy 4th of July back to you, sweetie.


  15. Hi there,

    this is a very thoughtful and intelligent post. You know somewhere there lies a fatalist in all of us, it s just that the stronger ones replace fear with logic and the weaker ones replace logic with fear.

    Ironically, if you follow plain logic, then what begins must end. Therefore the world will end - but whether it does on 21st Dec 2012 or 22nd December 3012 is something no one can guess or predict, much less do anything about it.

    Even if this were to be a real scenario, considering the enormity of the situation the death will almost certain,collective and quick - so why worry about it anyways. I am not sure I want to be alive if all of my family and friends are dead.

    So the point is why worry about such eventualities.The idea is to live life every single and enjoy every moment whether good or bad...and if you believe in God, then let Him do some thinking for 2012. It his His job. Let us focus on ours...

  16. Gyanban, I agree with your comments. My point was to encourage people to focus on embracing a more positive mindset. As you mentioned, it is inevitable that we have certain fatalistic thoughts flit through our minds regularly. I'm merely suggesting that when those thoughts occur, why not replace the negative, fear based emotions with positive ones? I'm glad you enjoyed the post and found interesting and thought provoking. I enjoy hearing other peoples' thoughts in return - I think we always grow as a result!