Thursday, February 4, 2010

Unripened fruit, sparkles & twinkles
When choosing fruit, what type of person are you?  Say it's an apple, or a peach - do you go for the riper fruit that's juicy and soft when you bite into it?  Or do you prefer crispy, firm fruit that is crunchy and tart on the tongue with that first bite?  I'm of the latter preference - the crispier and crunchier, the more tart and tangy, the better.  In fact, when fruit gets riper and softer, it is immediately consigned to my freezer for an eventual smoothie.  I just don't like it when it gets soft and juicy. 

My Mom, in fact, has been quoted as saying, "When I look for fruit for my daughter, Dawn, I pick the pieces that could be used as a substitute for a hockey puck or baseball, and I know she'll be happy."  My Mom, by the way, is on the opposite end of the spectrum and adores juicy, ripe fruit....peaches that almost dissolve at the first bite, bananas that have turned brown and are extremely soft and sweet. 

You're sitting there reading this and wondering what my point is, aren't you?  I recently posted a response to one of those fun Blog Awards (Blog Award Positivity) that has you list favorite blogs and then list some personal info.  One of the comments I received was from a lovely new friend, Lisa Brandel, author of The Widow Lady blog.  The following was the wonderful comment she left for me:

"I started following you a while back, both here and on Twitter. Your Tweets are little sprinkles of happy dust in the virtual world...and now that I have actually had time to read your blog...I see that same sparkle here too. Much love dear and thank you for sharing this special energy with the virtual world!"  Lisa Brandel, The Widow Lady blog
You may see this as bit of self-aggrandizement, to publish such a nicely written, complementary Comment.  I won't argue the fact that it made me very happy to read Lisa's comment, but I don't feel using it as a source of inspiration is necessarily blowing my own horn overly loudly.  What Lisa's comment made me contemplate, and be appreciative of, is how determinedly I have chosen to stay true to myself.  It hasn't always been easy over the years. 

The plain truth is, most people fit into the juicy, squishy fruit category and I'm way over on the other end of the proverbial see-saw, dangling high up there in mid-air, simply because it's usually just me over on that end.  I think differently than most, and I'm quite aware of that.  It took some time for me to fully embrace my own quirks and unique traits, and quite a bit of courage to give them voice back in my early twenties.  Now, at this point in my life, I am simply Me.  I revel in the fact that I prefer slightly (okay, completely) unripe fruit, that I find Divine Presence most often outside of a brick and mortar church, that I firmly believe in the presence of magical moments, and that my uniqueness quite often makes others stop, pause and occasionally view the world through my different perspective. 

I also cannot ignore the fact that many times, people observe my point of view and declare quite roundly that I'm lacking in judgment, that I'm too idealistic, too romantic, or any manner of negatives.  (Personally, I find most of those to be compliments, with the exception of the lacking in judgement one.)  I generally just smile at those types and keep living my life as works best for me.  There's old mountain wisdom that says, "Nobody beats a dead dog."  This means that if you're alive and making your mark in the world, you're going to get kudos and you're also going to meet those that simply aren't going to be fans.  I have come to know that naysayers, in a rather quirky way, are a bit of a pat on the back for me to remember that, yep, I'm still on the right path!

I don't expect others to necessarily adopt my choices, or beliefs, or tastes.  Very few prefer the extra tart, crunchy fruit side of life, and that's okay.  I see beautiful balance in my own life and how I have come to a comfortable acceptance and enjoyment of who I am.  And, if I'm fortunate, occasionally someone like Lisa Brandel, or a small handful of other dear friends - you all know who you are - read my work and recognize, as Lisa so eloquently described, a twinkle and sparkle in my message.  I do, quite intentionally, "sprinkle happy dust" into my blog articles, my Twitter and Facebook posts.  It makes me happy to do so, just from a personal point of view.  It tickles me beyond words when a kindred spirit recognizes the sprinkles of happy dust and takes a moment to comment on same.  That's just pure fun...there is no other way to describe it. 

Perhaps another quote fits what I am attempting to communicate here.  It is by one of my absolute favorite authors and poets:

"When two close kindred meet, what better than call a dance?”  William Butler Yeats
There are moments when I as a writer am happy to admit that another has woven together words in such a lyrical fashion that not only could I not improve upon it, but that I am, in that moment of reading, transported.  Lisa Brandel's words above, in my opinion, gave a very accurate thumb nail sketch of who I am as a writer, as a person, and what I strive to communicate in written format.  It delighted me that she felt this kinship and Yeats' quote immediately came to mind to highlight that moment of shared, enjoyed whimsy. Lisa also writes with a rich hand to her words, and I encourage you to visit her blog, read, and follow.

I am a lighthearted Soul, and although it may sound contradictory, I am also deeply introspective, diving to the depths of a given topic, emotion or thought and spending endless hours observing, thinking and experiencing.  I rarely look at anything at surface level - I remain curious about most things under the sun.  I feel deeply, I love deeply and I write with an attempt to give voice to the wild, tempestuous feelings that clamor inside my heart to be written down. 

Some days, I am happy and feel that I have succeeded in this goal.  Other days, I am like anyone else, critical of my efforts and finding them sadly lacking.  On those days in the future, I shall remember Lisa Brandel's happy nod and kind words; I shall automatically recall the equally lovely quote of Mr. Yeats.  On the heels of all of the above, I will remind myself that I like crispy, crunchy, tart, not-quite-ripe fruit and also that I write with a sparkling shower of happy dust radiating from my proverbial pen....because that's just who I am...unripened fruit, sparkles and twinkles and so much more.  Perhaps you, also, are a close kindred one and will join in the dance, partake of a bit of fruit, and share in the burst of sparkles that ensue.


  1. Dawn, hold on to Lisa's comments. She is so right-on. Beautifully written/great analogy with the different choices of fruits. I just loved it. And I consider you to be a kindred spirit of mine, and would love to join in on the dance with you. Love ya sista, Janie

  2. Hugs Dawn, another small thing we have in common (the fruit =D). I'm glad you've chosen to be who you are. It can be a difficult path, I've found it the only way to be. I rarely am concerned with what others have to say, don't get me wrong I appreciate the dialogue but I've always continued on my path regardless. I think this partly comes from being an actor for so many have to take the good with the bad. I to write from my heart & the deep well that is my soul....I know no other way to communicate the depth of what I feel. I'm thrilled we've gotten to know each other a bit over the past few months. I look forward to growing together even more in the coming months & perhaps meeting in person someday.

    The rhythms of your words speak to who I am & who I strive to be. Continue to take me along on the journey of your writing & help me strive to be an even better person then I am.



  3. Janie, I'm happy that you choose to join in the dance! Isn't that Yeats quote just a lovely one?! I think you liked it the first time I posted it on my page a few months back. Before I clicked to publish this article, I did wonder if everyone would "get" my whole approach or if they'd think I was slightly loopy. Probably, there will be some of both opinions, and that's absolutely fine. I'm glad it made perfect sense to you - I felt it spoke my heart clearly.

    To the wonderful person who left the second comment, thank you, my friend. I will have to investigate and see if I can find a tool that will help me to translate your comment into English. I look forward to reading your comment and am happy that you came to visit!

    Bill, oh my goodness, what an equally lovely comment to leave me! "The rhythm of your words speak to who I am & who I strive to be." That made me tear up, I must admit, and gave me chills from head to toe, knowing that my work has that much of a positive impact on someone else. I am certain that we shall meet in person someday - how could it be otherwise, with such a great connection and similar mindset?! Thank you, dear friend, for the very thoughtful, beautifully written comment.

    All three of you have just made my day!

    Much love & Namaste'!

    ~ Dawn

  4. I like crunchy tart apples but spotty bananas. MMm...what does that say about me?


    It's a great metaphor.

  5. *L* Tirzah, it says you like the best of both worlds! You made me laugh out loud w/ that one. :-)

    ~ Dawn

  6. I've heard so many times that I am so idealistic, so romantic, that the world is not as I see it and way way worse. But on the other hand the same people who say this to me want to be exactly like me, because as I see it, it is the only way we can survive in this world. By sharing joys and happiness. By giving smiles and laughs.

    From what I have read in your blog, you deserve that sweet comment and even more like this! :)

  7. It really depends on the fruit...apples must be crunchy, bananas must be just right, don't like them ripe & I don't like them all brown (eww). In all seriousness though, I'm glad you accepted your desire for unripe fruit or else you just wouldn't be you! :)

  8. Lena, welcome to my blog! I love seeing new faces and hearing new opinions and perspectives. I am happy to greet a fellow romantic, idealistic, rose colored glasses wearing sister - I am determined to continue wearing my own glasses for eternity & beyond. I shall have to check your blog out in return, as I'm sure you must write equally wonderful content. Thank you for visiting, reading and leaving a comment!

    Anahid, you just always make me smile when you stop by for a visit! I'm glad that I accepted myself for my own special quirks as well. I think I'm doing pretty darned well most days, and hearing positive feedback on some of my ruminations is a good indicator that yep, I'm still walking the true path!

    Much love to you both,

    ~ Dawn

  9. I'm finally catching up on reading a few of my favorite blogs. Although you may feel neglected Dawn, remember that you aren't. :)

    I love Lisa. Her blog is great, her attitude awesome, her humor gets me everytime.

    And she is absolutely correct in the comment she made! If I posessed this poetic charisma, I would've penned the same emotions. However, now I am living vicariously through her comment, and I want to second it.

    You're the best Dawn, regardless what kind of fruit you are. I'm asking myself what kind of fruit I am now, and I'm almost laughing, because I never thought I'd compare myself to fruit.

    Thanks for making me think outside the box!

    Hugs, (yes, I did it)


  10. Oh my word, it is a true calendar day, that Marty D. signed a Comment w/ "Hugs"! I am honored and greatly flattered, as I know what a huge deal that is for you. ;-) Thank you for taking time to visit, read and comment - and take a brief walk through my world. I know I frequently pull you through my own version of the Looking Glass, so I guess by now you're getting accustomed to it! Thank you for seconding Lisa's lovely words...that makes me smile.

    ~ Dawn

  11. Dawn there's also a southern saying 'that dog can't hunt.' Which means despite the training and innate talent the dog just cannot find or keep the scent. I thought of that as I read your post. Your spirit will take you to the front of the pack, your intuition knows the scent, keeps running but also knows the joy, the awakening of just bugging off on a different path. The 'squishy' view taken by humans watching the pack may say 'that dog can't hunt' but trust me, the pack is baying their praise and support when you head off for a crisper quest much deeper in the forest. Keep baying for the rest of us...we're right behind you.

  12. Beth, yep, I'm from East TN, so I grew up on those old southern sayings! I will happily blow the horn for the crisper crowd - I loved your analogy w/ that!! It's nice to know others think and feel similar thoughts & emotions, and that many out there are also up there on the see-saw w/ me on the non-squishy end. ;-)

    A saying my Grandpa used to use a lot was, "Son, you can't slip sunrise past the rooster." That one always tickled me, it was so dry and so definitive a statement. He would tell me that whenever I was trying to convince him that I was truly innocent of whatever transgression one of my siblings or cousins had dragged me into. It rarely worked, and he always threw that comment out in response.

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit, Beth!

    ~ Dawn

  13. Wait, my Grandpa didn't call me "son" - he called me Sweet Pea sometimes, but you get the general idea. ;-)

    ~ Dawn

  14. Hello Dawn. To tell you the truth, I don't like fruits at all. By the way, about the "Nobody beats a dead dog.", I agree with you. We can be bothered or care of what people say to a certain extent, well to improve or repair ourself. But when criticism goes out of control, when instead of being constructive it brings down our own self and self-esteem, it's time to say bye-bye and live our own way.

  15. Hey Surein! So nice to see a comment from you, my friend. I agree w/ you - here in TN, we call it choosing our battles. Some things merit attention and energy, and others are just exactly what you mentioned - issues, opinions or people to just shrug off and keep living our lives our own way. Happily, with age comes wisdom and experience that makes the whole process a great deal easier. Thanks so much for stopping by to say Hello!

    ~ Dawn

  16. Dawn, anybody who thinks that you are lacking in judgment really needs to have their judgment meter checked. LoL

    I would have to say that Lisa's comments are right on the mark. And although it may sound simple enough, being true to yourself, as I'm certain we can all agree, is hard work and a major accomplishment.

    Dawn, it is because of the many wonderful things about you that so many people, when given the opportunity to get to know you - simply adore you! (Aren't I right everybody!) :)

    Not only are you "unripened fruit, sparkles and twinkles and so much more", but with your radiant sparkles, you are also a magnet for others who who shine a similar light, which makes this experience that much more bright, and yes - absolutely sparkling!

  17. Bernadine, you always make me smile w/ your comments. Yes, I agree, it is perplexing that there are those out there who think I'm a bit of a curious puzzle when it comes to how I view the world, but hey...they don't always make sense to me w/ how they think either. That's what makes us all uniquely beautiful. Plus, it keeps the world infinitely interesting!

    You and Beth Chapman spoke of a similar thought, with very different wording, yes, but the similarity of thought struck me immediately. I never used to view myself in the way that you both so eloquently expressed. It is becoming a continual nudging from Spirit of late, that perhaps this is something that is stronger in my personality than I had ever been aware.

    Thank you Bernadine (and Beth) for taking time to point it out to me. Perhaps I'm ready to step into those shoes with a bit more assurance these days, particulary when I see it written by more than one person whose perspective I view as equally clear.

    I promise to continue twinkling, scattering showers of sparkles and crunching away at my crispy fruit! And I'll do it loudly and w/ verve so that you can all find me in the crowd. ;-)

    ~ Dawn

  18. Sometimes I am squishy, and sometimes not. you might want to visit--I have a lot of fun writing.