Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog Award Positivity

I am taking a page from my Authentic Blogger partner, Marty D's book and addressing several wonderful blogging awards in one fell swoop.  Please forgive me for not following, to the letter, the details of each Blog Award - this was the easiest approach I could come up with that would allow me to thank all the people who gave me these kind awards.

I guess I'm going to end up creating a new, amalgamated version of all these cool Blog Awards with this format.  Some of them asked me to list 7-10 of my current favorite blogs and reasons why I like each one.  I'll compromise and list 8.  Following that, the next instruction was to list 10 things I love, 10 things that many don't know about me, and a few others that I can't remember at the moment. I'll list my 8 blogs first and get to the other stuff directly after.  I admit freely that I am guilty of favoritism with the following blogs - these are the ones I visit most often, in no particular order.

1. Bill Bruner, Journey to Joy Bill writes thoughtful posts on a regular basis with what I call Dad Wisdom in his words.  I have come to count on his daily take on various topics.

2. Tony Anders Artisan of the Human Spirit Tony writes with a spiritual awareness that speaks to my own heart.  He also writes with a twinkle in his eye and invites the reader to enjoy the vagaries of life along with him.

3.  Marty D. Coffee with Marty  My co-hort in all things bloggish, Marty's Coffee approach is his ruminations on the world through the eyes of a 20 year old who is far wiser than his linear years.  He enjoys life and also writes with that delightful quirky humor that appeals to me.

4.  Irma Kaye Sawyer The Bright Star Blog You know how, every once in a while, you are blessed to connect to someone who "speaks your own language"?  Irma Kaye is such a soul and her blog addresses spiritual and healing concepts. 

5.  Chip Etier Etier Photography  This wiley Cajun is now transplanted to the Highlands of North Carolina.  His blog is devoted to his wonderful photography - I encourage everyone to visit and become enraptured with his images.  He is a true artist, both of written word and capturing life on film.

6.  Jenn Boyer Learning How Jenn's Learning How blog is a wonderful "How To" tool for bloggers at all levels of expertise.  She is my favorite girl in more ways than I can express, most of all because I admire her writing talent and her ability to translate IT verbiage to those of us who stubbornly remain IT illiterate!

7.  David Karasek Everyday Hypnosis David's blog is a new one to me, but I have long been a proponent of therapeutic hypnosis to address a wide range of issues.  Check his page out - fascinating stuff!

8.  Anahid Boghosian Fireside Moments Anahid writes with such lyrical beauty.  I enjoy her Fireside posts a great deal.  She also leaves wonderful comments when she visits your blog!

Okay, so....what fun list to create as a finishing touch?  How about 10 Things On My Mind Right Now:

1. I just learned a cousin has committed to running a half-marathon in Chattanooga for charity.  I am impressed!  I shall, however, refrain from signing up for same, as I am not a marathon type, even of the 1/2 variety.

2. I have decided that cornbread, the true southern kind, made in a cast iron skillet will be on the menu tonight.  Did you know, btw, that in the state of TN, it is illegal to make corn bread in any cooking vessel other than a cast iron skillet?  True fact and state law, going back to 1792 and punishable by a whopping $1.50 fine.   

3.  There are just days where fuzzy socks, sweats and a ponytail do a girl good.  Today is that day.  Fuzzy socks are of the lavender w/ darker purple stripes description.

4.  I rediscovered an old love this week, and it is taking time to meditate with healing energy focused on friends in another location.  As with all forms of loving energy and prayer, as much is received as is given!

5.  I spent some time chatting w/ my Mom today, as I do everyday, and for this, I am abundantly blessed.  My Mom makes me laugh, lifts me up, loves me unconditionally and is just an all around beautiful person.

6.  The last time I looked outside, the sky was being painted with glorious sunset colors.  Bleeding scarlets, soft rosy washes and peach shadows are now surrendering to the darker lavender lights of twilight.  It is beautiful as I gaze out my office window.

7.  Crocheting, my friends, is an art form that appears to still be well appreciated!  I have been told that Scarf Love by Dawn (coined that phrase a week or so ago) products have mysterious, magnetic powers to attract the opposite sex.  Who knew?!

8.  Nothing is so bad, in the whole wide world as we know it, that a long, heartfelt, close, warm HUG cannot mitigate.  In fact, I firmly believe Hug Therapy is more powerful than anyone truly can imagine.  Have you hugged anyone today?  If not, get cracking - time's a-wasting!!!

9.  Music is on my mind, as it generally is.  Hammered dulcimer music, to be specific, which is unique to the Smoky Mountains (and probably many other regions).  It is simply beyond words, the beauty of listening to it.

10.  I am, with this final thought, thankful for the fact that I am blessed with wonderful blogging friends who find my work at Healing Morning and Authentic Blogger to be of a quality that merits bestowing of awards.  Writing fills my soul with joy, and the fact that others recognize and appreciate my efforts with same makes me smile.  How can I consider myself anything but abundantly blessed?!  It is so...blessings abound.


  1. Thanks for sharing Dawn, love your thoughts & I think whatever people do with the awards is good with me. I've enjoyed getting to know all of you better.



  2. Thanks Bill! I got a bit overwhelmed there for a wee, before I stopped myself and just said, "Okay, I'm doing it my way. Different, but worthwhile." Turns out, I liked it just as much as the other formats.

    The getting to know people better aspect is the best part, I think!

    ~ Dawn

  3. I know about #7!!!! Hit me up if you want more details, people :) And a huge thanks to Dawn for the kind words!!! I truly appreciate it!

  4. Yes, Marty, #7 was written w/ you in mind, as you're aware. I'm still waiting for the publicity photos of same. ;-)

    ~ Dawn

  5. Thanks for your kindness and creativity! I know the awards, although a nice blessing, can cut into valuable reading and writing. Good job!

  6. Hey Tony, thank you for being open to my tangent w/ the award outline! I figured no one would be that upset or insulted if I winged it a wee. The important part, I believe, is being genuine, sincere and gracious in accepting any award given for writing. I will always smile when a friend and fellow blogger finds my work worthy of mention or bestowing an award.

    My tangent, I must admit, was fun. As Bill Bruner mentioned above, the personal lists are fun to get to know one another better. Blogging community and fellowship at its best!

    ~ Dawn

  7. is that really illegal? How would anyone even know? Like someone is going to call the cops because their neighbor made it using something else. That would be a pretty funny phone call actually lol.

  8. Anahid, it really does still exist as a law on the TN state charter! I ran across it years ago when researching for a corporate newsletter. i guess it would keep someone pretty busy enforcing it though - can you imagine? Some poor person slinking through people's kitchens, using some invisible decoder ring so that they can sneak up on the transgressors and slap them w/ a $1.50 fine for using a non-cast iron skillet for cornbread!

    ~ Dawn

  9. Dawn,
    Congratulations & the awards are very well deserved! A combination of inspiration beautiful writing, & fuzzy socks - who could ask for more! :)

  10. I started following you a while back, both here and on twitter. Your tweets are little sprinkles of happy dust in the virtual world...and now that I have actually had time to read your blog...I see that same sparkle here too. Much love dear and thank you for sharing this special energy with the virtual world!

  11. Bernadine, thank you for making me smile. Glad to know there are other fuzzy sock wearing aficianados out there!

    Widow Lady, your comment made me SO happy! I love when someone else recognizes the twinkle that I intentionally write into my work. "Sprinkles of happy dust"...I could not have written a more apt description of how I view the world, and how I try to convey the same in my writing. It tickles me that you recognize it and appreciate it. Thank you for commenting, following and enjoying.

    Marie, love you back, to the Tenth Power!

    ~ Dawn