Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To edit, or not to edit...that is the question

My last post on music and the healing properties therein was written this morning around 5:00 am, EST. As anyone following this blog already knows, it was an especially epic post! I find it rather humorous that in a recent post, I had talked about the art of brevity and then proceeded to completely ignore my own advice! Do I expect everyone following my blog to read every single post? No. I'm happy if people check in from time to time and read a snippet here and there. I certainly hope that people are interested enough in what I write to take time occasionally to read every post, but that's a fond wish.

A fellow blogger and I both agree that the longer the post, the higher the potential to lose your audience in blogging format. I get that completely. I do it myself when faced with a very long, prosy blog entry. I am immediately faced with the decision to keep reading, scan through and hit just the highlights, or abandon the whole thing and move on to the next task. With social media being such a growing aspect of life, the hours in the day get eaten up all too quickly, attending to regular email, Facebook and email with that application, Twitter (which I have yet to embrace) and all the other myriad applications out there.

So! All of the above being said, and recognizing that I do need to exercise some restraint with my blog entries, I am challenging myself to post at least the next three entries in much tighter, brief format. That doesn't include this post, because that would make it too easy! Let's see how I do....

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