Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ongoing conversation with self

So...I talk a lot. No, really, I do....especially in written format. I was pondering that last night during a frenzy of inspiration with posting three blogs in rapid succession. As I read back through them, my first thoughts was, "Wow, I need to concentrate on restraint. That's a LOT of words going on."

Brevity. That can be a painful word for a writer, and particularly so for me. That is clear from the blunt LACK of brevity in my posts - I'm not good at practicing restraint. I dive into the written word and literally luxuriate in the endless possibilities, pulling words together, weaving them into endless variations of fabric. See? I'm doing it right now....going off on a tangent. Reel it back in, sister!

Most Eastern studies focus on the purity of restraint. Paring down the personal existence in order to clearly see, hear, feel, taste, touch and think...regard the reality of what is surrounding you. Is it possible to have that clarity if you engage in a constant feast of excess, even if that excess is focused on words? I think there is much to be said for both sides of that proverbial fence. I have read, many a time, a single sentence that struck me so powerfully, that was so dense and rich in emotion that it transported me. Conversely, I have read long epistles that were equally rich, informative and sure in taking me on a journey with lyrical wording of such depth that my soul was dancing gleefully in response.

Which critter do I wish to be? The needle sharp, brief statement that rockets into the brain of the reader and delivers a heart punch of sensation? Or the slow, steady build up of thoughtful prose that wraps around the same reader's mind and heart and communicates in a manner they had never pondered? I'm greedy - I want to be both. Can I be both? Of course I can. I am confident in my ability to write in any format. Have I accomplished brevity here, today in this post? Probably not, but I have thought about it!

One of my all-time favorite quotes is as follows:

"I am a man well blessed and content, for thank God, I can read." ~ William Butler Yeats

That is a beautiful example of brevity, and at the same time, it manages to speak eloquently, opening up vast expanses for the mind to contemplate. Perhaps it is true, that I am a long, newsy, chatty writer. I'm good with that about myself. It doesn't mean I can't benefit from self-editing, of course. And I'll get to that....eventually. It's an ongoing conversation I have with myself. Feel free to join in. Opinions are always welcome!


  1. Marlene, I love your take on the world and how you feel about things. And you have the ability to put it in words. You have a great gift. And a true love of the written word. I also saw that you are a "Foodie" in the major since. Going to school etc. I never got the chance to study Cooking, Food etc. But managed to learn from experience, And my dear Julia Child cookbooks.
    Marlene your a wonderful person, don't ever change. And I feel very honored to know you.

  2. Mike, thanks for the kind words, even if you did goof on the name part and called me Marlene twice! I appreciate you taking time to read my blog and comment. Maybe the next time you comment, I'll be the real, genuine, bonafide Dawn! ;-)

  3. Dawn, Look at what you get to look forward to as you get older, your brain gets overloaded with stuff, and the extra stuff somethings fallout of your mouth, such as the wrong name. I'm really sorry, It's my medications that does that?? But seriously your a wonderful lady. And Thank you for not wanting to hit me along side the head with a skillet. That hurts alot....
    Keep cooking and keep writing, And I'm telling everyone I know about your blog.
    Thank you again, for your blog and your wonderful outlook on life.

    Takecare, Michael Long

  4. *L* no worries, Mike. Everyone has those moments. Sometimes they hit in cyberspace where they're recorded for perpetuity! I come from a long line of skillet swingers, but I have refrained from taking up the sport - my skillets are mostly caste iron & that could do some serious damage on a noggin! Keep blogging on your end as well - I'm telling friends about you as well.
    Smiles to you!